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  1. .... ie being able to grab the hole and adjust its size directly rather than editing the history. That is certainly the way some of the high end mechanical programs are going.

    Agreed Mike, I use other software as well as VW but I somehow doubt that VW will implement that kind of feature while some of the more basic stuff is still omitted.

  2. I do quite a bit of exporting for waterjet/laser cutting and CNC routing.

    Often I will take a 3D object, look at one surface and convert to lines to create outlines for the machining/cutting.

    The trouble is that any rounded or curved edge turns into a series of short straight lines rather than arcs.

    I then compose these lines and use arc smoothing to convert to a single polyline.

    Arc smoothing is temperamental & depending on the zoom level you are at, it can change a simple circle into an odd shape

    It would be great if either the convert to lines maintained the arc format of circles or better still if there was a tool that converted the outlines to continuous polylines particularly suited for water or laser cutting.

  3. This file is a 2D shape. The outline is a closed polyline and the black areas are circles and polygons. The DXF file when exported is 16.4Mb.

    Why is it so large, when similar files without the oval polygons are only 0.5-1Mb in size?

    They is only one layer and only 2 extra classes in addition to the normal 'None' & 'dimension' classes

  4. I have selected 'Do not ungroup subgroups' from the dialogue window that pops up and also clicked on the button 'always do the this action'.

    I now can't ungroup a group.

    How do I reset the 'always do this action' so I can ungroup a group?

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