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  1. Thanks for your additional reply. A quick note here, I did not mean to type version 11, I in-fact have 12.5. I had noticed that handle was listed as a change in the current version, which is a nice feature. Also, I am aware that Nemetschek is providing the trial academic license of VW 2008. I spoke with Nemetschek circa the time of the VW 2008 release. I was told that if I called back in a week, I'd receive VW 2008, instead of VW 12.5. In my memory serves me correctly, which I believe it does, I called more than a week later, and still received 12.5. Oh well.
  2. Thanks for the reply. To clarify: My issue is about lighting positions, not lighting instruments. Can I create a label legend for lighting positions too? Thanks, Charc
  3. Sorry guys if this is in the wrong section, or the wrong forum entirely. I'm a newb, and totally lost, so I'm also sorry if this topic has also been covered. I'm working on a lightplot for my high school production of Amadeus, and I've encountered an issue on my academic license of VW11. I can't figure out how to move the lighting position labels. I'd like them to be centered behind the lighting position, and about a half inch back. In their current position (to the right of the the lighting position) they bump into other lighting positions etc. While I'm at newb questions: What's the standard for containers and circuit / channel numbers. Unfortunately I left my copy of J. Michael Gillette's Designing With Light at school, so I can't reference check into this myself. I was told by someone that all containers should be touching the adjacent container, and that channel typically goes in the circle container. LW11 defaults channel to hexagon and circuit to circle container (unless I have that backwards), what is the standard? Thanks, Charc
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