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  1. Hi, Running VW2010 SP4 on a MAC pro, OSX 10.6.4 For some some reason, in the middle of working on a drawing, a window pops up and says 'a VW dongle could not be found' and shuts down. The dongle is plugged in, and the red light is on - any ideas? thanks
  2. Hi all i have been using VW for a couple of years, but only for 2D retail design work. I do quite a bit of 3D modelling, but that tends to be in Cinema 4D. We have bought a new house, and it needs quite a lot of internal work doing, so i figured it would be a good opportunity to learn how to use the software a bit better (i have VW 2009 Architect, on a MAC). I have the plans of the house, which i have extruded as walls, and I also used the 'walls' tool to create some walls, but when i click on the window icon, nothing happens. I am in plan/top view when i click the icon. The 'door' function seems to work, but not the window any ideas? thanks mark
  3. hi Ray, I have 2009 Architect. Currently though, i am doing my work in 2D. I experimented with 3D sections in 2008, but i think i will try again. thanks for your help Mark
  4. hi Ray, yes, just figured this out. Is there a way to set the drawing up so it keeps its origonal data - ie so it could be modified if necessary thanks Mark
  5. hi pretty new to VW. on 2009 now. I do pretty basic shopfitting drawings usually, and draw everything in plan view (including any elevations). I set up my view ports based on the plan view - and never needed to do any different. I am working on a large site which requires a staircase. I have used the staircase tool to create one, which works a treat! The problem is, as all my viewports are set up in plan, how should i construct my drawing to allow me to have a right hand view to show the staircase? When i change the view in the setup, i lose everything but the staircase. Apologies if my terminology is all over the place. Hopefully you will get the jist of what i am trying to acheive thanks Mark
  6. hi, I am using VW2008 Architect, and a client has sent me an old VW 11 or 12 (not sure) file across on email. It has come across with no extension. I have renamed the file with both an .MCD and .VWX extension, but i keep getting the unrecognized file message. I am using a MAC with OS 10.5.2 and my client is also using a MAC, but with an older OS Any ideas? thanks Mark
  7. hi. it is in the standard architect workspace, and a custom workspace. I have removed the export option, but that didn't work. don't remember if i installed VW before Leopard to be honest. I haven't run disk utility. never used it to be honest. not sure how that would help.
  8. still having no luck with this, driving me up the wall, and can't get my work out to clients. Anyone any ideas? thanks
  9. Hi, just installed 2008 (and leopard). when i try to export as a pdf, nothing happens. I have done exactly what i have done in the past on previous VW versions. i made the pdf quartz option available, and that seems to work, but not the other 2 any ideas?


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