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  1. I tried B3..B65 and I get a value of 0 They are all numbers no text I tried =B3*1 and get a value of 0 I am using VW 2008 I pasted everything into MS Excel and it all worked fine Go figure
  2. I can sum 5 or 6 rows ok When I do 65 rows I get the message I am using =SUM(B3,B65) Just numbers in the cells and spreadsheet rows
  3. Every time I try to total a column I get a message #VALUE! I can sum a few rows but not a lot of rows can't figure it out
  4. Great Thanks so much
  5. My selection handles have disappeared all of a sudden. The object can be highlighted though. Preferences indicate that they should be displayed.
  6. The search turned up the standard template (Default.sta) that I'm trying to use but not the one that keeps appearing which is also opens as Default.sta and then changes to Untitled 1 etc. It is a sheet that has a lot of drawing on it and is troublesome to clean up s I can use it. I have tried on my back-up HD and on our server with no luck. It must be nested in a file or something.
  7. I am on a Mac. Thanks for the ideas. I'll find the file in time.
  8. I can't find the file. Maybe there's a way to trace it's origin once it's open?
  9. When I start VW I still get the template don't want. I deleted the file Default.sta but when I start VW it gives me the unwanted template.
  10. Thanks Pat. I am having trouble in finding the template I want to delete. I found the default stationary I want to use however. Can I just open it and save it in a way that over-rides the template I don't want?
  11. I created a template which I would like to delete and return to the default which you get when you install VW2008 but I can't find my recent template.
  12. That worked great many thanks
  13. I have a survey drawing converted from DWG to VW12.5 which is working well. But I upgraded to VW2008 and the drawing shows horizontal and vertical dashed lines which go through the all the data points from one side of the screen to the other and I can't get rid of them. They are very dense but don't print however.
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