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  1. The dimension tool drops red squares on the page at locations where the dimension is referenced. Is there a way to remove these or change their appearance?
  2. If have created a WORKSPACE and changed SHORTCUTS and PALETTE PREFERENCES, is there a way to copy my SHORTCUTS to another WORKSPACE without changing the PALETTE PREFERENCES or other setting changed in the WORKSPACE
  3. To quickly scroll between LAYERS I can hold "CTRL" and use the up and down arrows. To quickly scroll between CLASSES I can hold "CTRL" and use the left and right arrows. Is there a quick way to scroll between SAVED VIEWS?
  4. Im finding that once I have drawn a line or a polygon using the "custom line tool" there is no way to alter it and if I want to change it I have to draw a new line
  5. have just used the custom dash line for the first time and there doesnt seem to be any selectable vertices. There is also no x and y or polar values to adjust so once ive drawn the dashed line i cant change the length. Am i missing something?
  6. I have just updated to SP2 and now can not print to any printer or PDF converters. can still print from other programs. Is any 1 else having this problem?
  7. Yeah i know how to gray selected layers so as you say i could see through the roof into the plan but would be handy if I could gray classes also, not sure why I would use it yet, maybe if i had the building visible with all the concept objects like cars plants etc in a concept class then i could show those concept items as grey
  8. Yeah no joy, If i change the visiblity of a class to visible or invisible i notice a change but if select gray then no change. Tried creating a basic model using just cubes with 3 different classes and three layers but cant get the gray classes to work
  9. I have tried switching layers and makes no difference. I have even tried switching all classes to gray and makes no difference when updating.
  10. AH HA thanks didnt think of that i'll try changing active layer and see if makes a difference
  11. In View>Class options> I have chosen Show/Snap/Modify. In navigation I have chosen show as Gray
  12. I have created a basic model with the following layers Mod Site Mod Ground Mod Roof I can easily view in 3D and say change the visiblity of the "Mod Ground" to grey, the layer now appears to be transparent and grey. If I try to change say the class "Roof" or "Site model" or any class to show as grey it has no effect. Am I doing somthing wrong?
  13. I have created a site model using only around 20 3D loci, when I change the height of one of the loci and click "update" nothing happens. Am I doing this wrong? If so what does the "update" button do? I know if I alter something in the "site model settings" the change updates as soon as I click "OK" so sont think the update button is for this function
  14. For your second problem, select the Section Viewport in the OIP. Near the bottom of the box is something called "Section Line Instances" What is OIP?
  15. When rotating the view the x & y coordinates along with the polar value of the selected object changes. Is there away to rotate the view without these values changing?
  16. I have aproblem where I try joining to walls when one of them has an item of joinery in it. The walls join fine and in plan view everything looks fine, but when in 3D the wall disappears. The wall can still be selected and appears as though it has no fill or line colour. I have checked all the obvious things like fills and lines, classes, wall heights etc
  17. Cool thanks for that, I'm not familiar with "registry keys" are they drive specific?
  18. I understand that when you manually delete a program from its root folder there are files or references that are embedded in other processes that are not removed when doing this.
  19. I want to uninstall VW2008 so I can reinstall on a new drive, however the VW2008 does not appear in the WindowsXP>remove program list, there also doesnt appear to be an uninstall option in the VW2008 folder, I have also tried inserting the installation DVD and there are no options there also. I have spoken with my computer tech guy and he has advised that it is an issue with the VW2008 program not windows.
  20. It will be a customised one Im pretty sure.
  21. Does anybody else have the problem with the following menu item: Tools>Options>SetPenColourPreferences> Then when you enter the colour index field next to 0.5mm the box drops down over the 0.7mm colour index box meaning you can no longer change that field
  22. Where I can find information on how to create "referenced text", similar to archicad-plotmaker where page number and names and hopefully detail and section markers are live.
  23. CipesDesign: Thanks for the assistance, it sounds like this is something that most users would find useful.
  24. I have created a "viewport section" and using the "section line" I have chosen "marker type 2" "text at both ends" selected For "text style" I have chosen "item over sheet" Under "item name" I have inserted "A" Under "sheet name" I have inserted "03" When I look at the marker on the Page the "A" is in the centre of the marker with the "03" hovering s;ightly under the marker. It seems the marker is alligning he centre of "A" with the centre of the marker and not aligning "A"/"03", hope that makes sense. I have tried manually moving the text up but there is no individual selection mode for the text just the marker as a whole. Sorry for the frequent use of "" """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
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