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  1. Does anybody know why im getting this error
  2. In the EDIT WORKSPACE pallete under STANDARD VIEWS there is a list of all the views and I can associate a new key to these, I already know that the numbers from the numeric keypad have been assigned to these but they are not showing up. Why is this?
  3. Under my username apears the word APPRENTICE, I have also seen GREEN HORN and JOURNEYMAN just wondering what they mean?
  4. Ok that sounds good. Ive just tried it and it comes up with the error: cant uninstall folder - in use by another program. I have restarted my machine and have got no other programs open. Is there something I need to do first
  5. CS1

    UnInstall VW2008

    VW2008. Windows XP. 2.80 GHz 1.0GB RAM
  6. I have asked on an earlier occasion the method to delete the VW2008 program. 99% of programs have an uninstall feature or the ability to remove using the control panel. Since VW2008 does not I was told to simply send the Folder to the recycle bin which I have just tried. As i guesed it didnt work, instead it comes up with an error saying that various files are being used by another program. I have been told this is the reason that most rograms come with the ability to uninstall as only a handful of very basic programs dont lay there roots into other areas of windows. How can I remove VW2008 efficiently so I can reinstall on a different drive?
  7. I am using VW2008. In version 11.5 if you changed your WORKSPACE you could go to the VW11.5 folder on c:/ and find the workspace in the WORKSPACE FOLDER. In VW2008 i have gone to the WORKSPACe folder and there is only the standard WORKSPACES and not the one that I have renamed and altered. Am I missing something?
  8. Is there seriously no uninstall feature? Ive spoken with a tech guy and he said that just sending the folder ti the recycle bin won't work. There are to many references else where in windows.
  9. I can create a straight Viewport Section, how can I create a Viewport Section with a kink?
  10. CS1

    Editing Roof

    Once I have created a roof I want to divide one face into two. How can I do this? There doesnt seem to be any editable features once the roof has been drawn apart from soffit widths Z axis etc.
  11. Im using VW2008, it could possibly be an add-on from OZCAD
  12. Cool thanks for that, I have just found another way to achieve a similar thing. You can use the TOOLS>OPTIONS>SET TEXT TOOL PREFs to assign Classes to certain text types, but you can only use it for four different text types.
  13. I know that I can say make all lines in class "class1" to be black at 0.18 and dash-dot-dash. How can I make all text in say "class2" to be red 5mm or 14pt
  14. How do I change the shade of gray for grayed classes and grayed layers
  15. Is it possible to use linked text? For example on my Ground Floor Plan I can us the text tool to label the Lounge, it would be handy if I could drop some kind of Referenced text on my Cross-Section through the lounge so that if I was to go back to my Ground Floor Plan and change the text from "Lounge" to "Living Room" the text on the Cross-Section would automatically update. Im sure there is a tool to do this Ive used it on an old version of Archicad but unsure where to find it in VW2008.
  16. I have created an EXTRUSION of a POLYGON which I am using for a deck. Can I give the EXTRUSION a hatch of say timber decking (a series of vertical line) so that it looks good in plan view with out having to use TEXTURES? I know I can achieve a similar look with textures by fine tuning the settings but it never looks as good as a hatch. VW2008
  17. Would the figure adjust when I changed the size of the joinery? The good thing about the ID and SCHEDULE tool is that the information is live.
  18. How do I create a URL to show images in this forum
  19. I can alter the stacking order for DESIGN LAYERS. Why can't I adjust the stacking order for SHEET LAYERS? VW2008, 2.80GHz 1.0GB RAM
  20. I am using VW2008, in the window and door tool there is a function called ID and SCHEDULES, in here i can tell the doors to be labelled say D01, D02 etcin plan view, I can also get it to show the width of the doors say 810mm, 760mm etc. Is there a way to show the width and not the "D01" etc?
  21. In the viewport object info palette I can set up the view to say LEFT ISOMETRIC, I can then use the EDIT DESIGN LAYER option, on the design layer I can use the 3D FLYOVER tool to change the view of all 3 layers. As soon as I exit the EDIT MODE the viewport view jumps back to the original LEFT ISOMETRIC. I have also tried changing the view to CUSTOM VIEW on the info palette but can not get to work. Using VW2008, Latest upgrade, 2.80GHz 1.0GB RAM
  22. I have created a viewport with 3 layers visible. I have changed the VIEW to CUSTOM but if I rotate the image in the viewport as soon as i UPDATE the viewport jumps back to its original view
  23. When I use the CHECK SPELLING feature in vectorworks I can add words to the dictionary. How can I remove words?
  24. Is there anyway to change there appearance so they dont stand out as much, say maybe light green or something
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