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  1. Here's where v.2008 shines. While the residential libraries are still sparse (there is no dining room table included except a table plug-in object (many combinations)), '08 can import hundreds, going on thousands, of Sketchup 5 and 6 models. Loads of cars and tv's there for free. >http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=a7a3afcbdc6059ef8d6d7bc83a5f35bf Sorry I don't have a good suggestion for v.11.5.
  2. Thanks, Michael, for adding the above clarification. My point remains; "Hidden Line Sketch" should be its own rendering command. This way, 2D projects use simple Sketch to render, 3D projects apply a second, hidden style called Hidden Line Sketch. While an expert may find logic in the existing command structure, a newer user or one who renders occasionally will find the system, as it stands, user-unfriendly in my opinion.
  3. Katie: Thanks for the tip. But it's no wonder I'm confused. Shouldn't Sketch not be dangled as an obvious choice for Foreground Rendering if I only can get to Sketch by going through, and clicking on, Hidden Line Rendering? Clicking on Sketch first as my Foreground Render will not work. Shouldn't Sketch be grayed out or wouldn't it be better to put a button labeled "Hidden Line" on the Sketch palette and not visa versa? Or better yet, call it Hidden Line Sketch? I'm guessing that 99% of models rendered using Sketch as the front-most rendering style aren't intended to show all lines of the object as visible, solid lines. I think Sketch has to be made to be the appropriate selection when intending to have an overlay of sketched lines on top of a solid background of oil, watercolor, etc.
  4. What is the simple combination, which I can't seem to find, that allows the background rendering to be an oil painting and the foreground to be a (hidden line) Sketch? Foreground rendering always seems to show ALL lines of the model as sketched. Can't we have a foreground choice of "Hidden Line Sketch"?
  5. In using the Resource Browser and bringing in a new library (Kohler Toilets) I get a long list of product numbers but no easy way to view the icon since, in V. 2008, there no longer seems to be a wireframe view of the object(s). Going back to the original file in the Library does no good since the objects are hidden from view. How do we: 1. view objects on these blanked Library pages? 2. find the command--if there is one-- to view the objects on the Resource palette in isometric view ala V. 12.5? 3. find a list--if there is one--to view the objects and their numbers displayed together? Thanks!
  6. I've just brought a drawing over from VW 12.5 to 2008 and find that all my doors and windows show as though there is a threshold option turned on (though none have this option on). Is there a global command to turn these unwanted lines off? Interestingly, while experimenting, I tried assigning a class to lintels and thresholds via the Components options (editing the View tab) on the OIP, but my new class--which I would then attempt to turn invisible--never appeared on the Class list. Thanks!
  7. Elements of the program that are not pulling their weight should be dropped. The Task Manager has not been used by anyone I've ever spoken to or heard from for years now. The problem for a new user is that they can't know the relative helpfulness of many of the Setup processes and so potentially waste time on the Task Manager. If a tool does more harm than good, it should be removed or placed in an area where only the die-hards can find it, such as the legacy folder.
  8. Please disregard the original post. I think I'm in error, though not sure just how. Thanks.
  9. Please disregard the original post. I think I'm in error, though not sure just how. Thanks.
  10. I've created a Viewport of a Main Story Plan (walls only) and placed it on a Design Layer. I intend the VP to serve as an underlay for this Design Layer which will contain framing information. To do this, I click-select my VP, then click on Classes and make invisible the inner lines of the walls. I then click on Wall-Exterior choice, highlighting it. This action causes the Edit button to become solid, and I click to enter the Graphic Attributes dialog box to edit those walls within my VP. I edit the line style to dashed but in returning to my Viewport, see that no change has taken place. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks
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