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  1. Hi all! I bought an external screen for my laptop to increase my productivity. The problem is, scrolling doesn't work on the external screen! In every other app, scrolling works, but not in VW. Not having mouse wheel zoom is dreadful! Any ideas? VW2008 Win7
  2. Oh well... =( I've tried the repetitive unit thing and it is an utter horror. I much prefer using "copy along path" but both of those methods are IMO a major waste of time.
  3. Hi! My country's standard planning symbols/line types are all based on AutoCad and MapInfo. Does VW2010 finally have a way to add or design new line types, such as zig-zags, lines-with-borders, letters/symbols on lines at regular intervals, etc. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply, but to test it, I drew a bunch rectangles inside one another, made them 3d polys and elevated them to a small rectangular hill... When I modify that, I get Cut Volume 0.0000 Cu M. Still no good.
  5. Hi all! Okay, I have a very small and simplistic site model and I need to model a pond there, so, I thought to try my hand on the pad and fence tools... I can get the contours to change pretty much as I like, but for cut & fill volumes I get a confusing message. Okay, my lowest pad is below the lowest contour line that I have, so the contours aren't perfect, but I get the same error when I simply build a small elevation on the model, so, this can't be the issue. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I'm amazed, but the first method works! How the heck does it work that out on a plain .png raster? I've no idea, but it's awesome! =D The second method didn't work for me though.
  7. Hi! How do you import raster images in scale? Say, I have an aerial photograph and I know it's scale is 1:1136. How can I accurately get it into my .vwx file in scale? VW2008, Windows XP
  8. Hi! I've created a polyline road and sent it so surface, and then set it 20 cm higher so it wouldn't have "gaps" in it. The road is perfectly visible with OpenGL rendering, but if I render with Renderworks it disappears. If I pick Fast Renderworks, only parts of the road are visible. What's going on? I thought it might be something I've missed with textures as I'm new to Renderworks, but the issue still remains if the textures are taken off.
  9. Hi! Is it possible to make a video out of your 3d model using VW? What add-on program(s) would one need to do that? I'm using Windows, but I'm sure any Mac specific programs would also be worth mentioning for other people.
  10. Hi all! Why Roadways and Extrudes don't shape themselves to fit the Site Model the way 3d polygons do? I can emulate Roadways with 3d polys, but what with Extrudes? I try to emulate a stone fence with an extrude, but it just don't fit the site model as it hangs there in the mid-air and below the ground in some places.
  11. Same issue with the massing model. If styles are assigned to the walls/roof, no rendering occurs. This means I can only set texture via class, and this also means that I cannot put texture on the walls... How can I solve this?
  12. I think it was a mistake to set classes for paving and curbs while using the object from ployline command. It renders now fine when I set those to "none".
  13. Straight roadway renders and so does curved, but not NURBS. It basically stays as wireframe, but some weird lines are added. What am I doing wrong? Straight and curved combined is no good, as sending them to surface creates "steps".
  14. Hi all! I think I must be missing something essential here. I cannot seem to change the side the road turns. It always turns to the right and I have to use mirror tool to reverse the turn. There's got to be an easier way... And when I put the curve on the end of a straight road, and then need to adjust the length of the curve (by adjusting the sweep) it always uses the other end as fixative point. What am I doing wrong? How can I determine the way curve is bent? And how can I determine the fixative end of a curve?
  15. So the regular polygons are okay? Do you know if the bug is fixed in VW2009?
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