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  1. OK, sorry, found it. Wow, that's clumsy, why do you have to do that? Why isn't it in scale anyway? Like I said, this seems to be a very cumbersome way of creating orthographics from 3D objects. Is there an easier way. And thanks for the help, got the dimensions working.
  2. Can't find Annotation anywhere. Does not show up in the edit window.
  3. Actually, I'm using 2009... forgot to update my profile. But is this the best way to make orthographic projections?
  4. I am trying to create a standard orthographic projection theatrical drafting from a 3D object. So I created a viewport of the front elevation on a new sheet layer. The Design layer is in 1:24 scale and the viewport is in 1:24 scale, however, when I try to dimension the object, it gives me true scale in the dimension. 1. How do I get the dimensions to be in scale? 2. Is creating viewports in a new sheet layer of 3D objects the best way of creating standard orthographic projection draftings. thanks David
  5. Never mind, fixed it. Image reflectivity was set to "constant".
  6. I am rendering using "fast renderworks with shadows". I have several image props in the model but they lighting I am using is not effecting them at all. Should lighting effect image props? I have checked the "Cast and receive" buttons in the image prop texture editor. thanks
  7. I think it was a glitch. I re-did all the textures on the walls and it worked. Thanks for the advice, I wouldn't have thought of checking the textures.
  8. thanks, the walls are 3d objects, extruded from 2d objects. All have texture, and yes, set to cast and receive light. Like I said, they see to cast shadows from spot sources, just not from point.
  9. I am designing a set where I wanted a light source inside a cellar, making the whole cellar glow from inside and light coming out small barred windows. I have lit the set generally with some spots at low level, and they are casting nice shadows everywhere. I put a point source of light in the cellar to give it a radial source, but the whole set now lights up, as if there were no walls or anything in the way of the light source. I checked "Cast shadows" in the light source but it doesn't help... what gives? Do point sources ignore objects for some reason? thanks
  10. Wow. I never had to do that before. That was easy, thanks so much.
  11. Thanks all. Here's the object file. I've rendered it in OpenGL. I used the polygon and rectangle tool to make the 2D objects, so I'm pretty sure they are not open. Then extruded. They will only appear in wireframe (even in the other document I took them from where everything else is rendered fine)
  12. Just upgraded from 12.5 to 2009. Haven't used the program in a year (have been designing costumes)but now back to it. I have a REALLY simple question. It used to be that I could draw a polygon with the 2d polygon tool, or rectangle, etc and then extrude and I'd have a nice solid object. Now however, I only ever get a wireframe when I extrude. All of my stuff from 12.5 is rendered with textures and everything, but I can't seem to get anything but wireframes now. What changed? What do I need to do now to convert a 2d polygon into a solid object? What is extrude for, if not for that? very confused, thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks guys, big help. Ray, that's exactly what I wanted thanks.
  14. Sorry, what do you mean "start as a drawing"? Start all over again? Can I use what I already have and convert it to something I can trim?
  15. Almost what I want, except what I really need - what my Tech Director wants, is just an outline of the whole thing, either 2d or as an 1/8" object. So I have to get rid of all the interior lines.
  16. I am trying to make an 1/8" cut-out of this bridge shape. I traced over an image and as I did each part, I extruded 1/8". Now I need to make it all one piece. But when I select all and "Add solid" I get a "cannot be computed" error. I've also tried to convert copy to lines (or ploys) and then extrude from that. No success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Thanks for the tips, they've really helped me.
  18. OK, here's the chair I created. First piece of furniture in VW.
  19. OK, I found a way to do it, but I don't understand why. I took the same file I posted, Convert to Lines, Create Polygon from Inner Boundry, Extrude. Got a solid. If I Convert to Lines, COMPOSE, then either Create Polygon, or not, then extrude, I get a shell. Why was composing making it into a shell, rather than a solid?
  20. I tried that, I still get a shell.
  21. PS. I know I am extruding lines at this point, and not a surface, which is why it is not working. So how do I convert it to a surface I can extrude? thanks
  22. OK, I'm obviously missing something. I keep having the same probelm over and over again. I create a shape in 2D. Then no matter how I stitch and trim, convert to (whatever - I've tried everything), compose, decompose, group, etc, etc. I can't make a solid object out of it. When I extrude it comes out as a shell. This is a simple seat cushion. How can I make it a 3d seat cushion. Conversely, how would you have gone about making it. I used polygone tool, arcs, fillet tool, trimmed. This is obviously incorrect. David
  23. Cool, that is an answer I understand! thanks
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