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  1. Thanks Jblock, It did the trick. I thought something was wrong because an older workspace did fine. Thanks again ...😀
  2. Thanks, That got it back. I had to run migration manager again and all is good. Thanks
  3. I am on a mac VW 2019 for a week. Upgraded from VW 2017. When I dimension I get the spinning beach ball after I do my first one. It takes about 5 seconds. Then the rest of the object when I dimension is most of the time fine. This really slows me down. Got to be a bug of some sorts. ?? Any thoughts I mac with Mojave VW 2019 updated.
  4. I have the same problem. I am on a mac with VW 2019 upgraded from 17 last week. My Tool sets worked at first but now are an empty window. I can go back to a prior work space and they are there. ??
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