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  1. Katie-- I did try to go back and add stack layers to my workspace again using workspace editor and I can drag the command into my workspace, but as soon as I click OK in the dialog box I get an error message saying "The following items are no longer a part of vectorworks: stack layers" Is that a license issue?
  2. thanks guys.. I don't understand why stack layers isn't working for me.. it did before the update. I saw that its only available in designer, but I have designer.. so I'm not sure what's been confused (besides me!) And honestly, once you link layers, is there any way to un-link them? I want to see everything in front view, but want to be able to gray out some layers and edit others... Its a pain to go back and forth unlocking layers.. and I can't turn off other layers anymore. Is there a way to get rid of the link? Stacy
  3. I updated to 12.5.1 a couple days ago, and now I don't have the ability to stack layers... Any ideas how to fix this? I went back into workspace editor and tried to bring it back, and I get an error message saying "stack layers is no longer a part of vectorworks". How can this be? So part II: In the absence of the ability to stack layers I tried my hand at creating a layer link so I could measure and move trusses in front view. Of course now I have locked layers and can't edit anything but lighting in front view. Well, anyone know how to "un-link" the layers? Thanks for the help.... Stacy
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