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  1. Thanks for the hint. Somewhat counter-intuitively, I selected "none" for the background and the renders still came out with the HDRI lighting.
  2. I'm using a HDRI simple light dome to illuminate a model. I'm rendering two floors separately and have them on different layers. One layer renders with a white background, the other layer renders with black. The shadows look the same. I've tried duplicating the layer and pasting in the other floor to no avail. How and what do I set to consistently get a white background?
  3. I'm constructing a gallery of cases with image props as objects. I've run out of memory on Final Renderworks and tried to reduce the number of image props by deleting those that are out of frame. I've also painstakingly reduced the resolution of the image resources. Is there some metric that I can use to count the number of props - or should I just keep deleting them until it starts cooking? I'd estimate I have about 200 unique props with a 100K texture and a transparent mask for each.
  4. This is great, it's working just fine. What I had hoped to do -- which is one half of the problem -- was to "push" the data from an imported but formatted spreadsheet into the object-specific record fields. Basically the reverse operation. Would this be this a feature of the Architect series? I'm a Fundamental guy.
  5. That's great. I'll try it out. Thanks!
  6. Thanks. I guess what I mean is that when I create an image prop and opt to create it as a symbol, it loses its symbol-ness. I can't do a symbol replace, the name does not appear in its place in the object info palette, etc.
  7. Is it possible to link text from a specific cell on a worksheet into a record field value? I have several hundred unique objects (with a name, number, length, etc.) and rather than enter text individually for each object, I would like to be able to transfer information directly from an imported Excel document. If that's not enough, is it possible to change a record field value in the object info and have it update to a specific cell in the worksheet? Michael
  8. I have created a number of image props as symbols in order to attach records, generate reports, etc. They show up in my Resource Browser as 3D symbols (in red) and I can edit them from the Browser. However, when I place them on the drawing, the object info tells me it is an image prop. I cannot edit it from the drawing - it tells me it is a plug-in object. Needless to say the reports I generate show zero for everything. I have not yet installed SP 2 or 3. Is this a known issue? Michael
  9. Yes they are. I've grouped my light objects into 3 different classes for control, but all 3 classes are active when I start the batch render as well as the active layer.
  10. Hi all, I've set up about a dozen or so views that each render fully as one-off, one-at-a-time renders. I'm using quite a few "Accurate Lamps" provided in these scenes, so they take about 1+ hour each. However, when I set my batch render to start with either Final or a totally stripped-down Custom RW on the bunch, no lighting is present in the final rendered images, as if they had all been turned off. What am I missing? Thanks, Micthorn


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