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  1. James - Thank you, that did it. It turns out one of the plant instances was a qty of 3 (even after un-summing) -- sometimes that happens for some reason, I haven't quite figured out why. It always seems to be qty 3 rather than 1. Thanks again, Tina
  2. My plant list quantities for a certain plant are showing differently that what is shown on design layer or at least what I can see. I'm trying to select all of a similar plant with same plant ID to find the discrepancy but can't seem to figure out how to do this. I've tried "select similar" tool - select with similar symbol name and I get error message. I seem to remember there is a way to select similar items from a plant report - when I select the row, it shows "select item" greyed out? Any ideas on how to select just the plants in question? Thank you,
  3. Thank you, Darrel. I've got it now. I think it was confusing to me that there is the Plant Database, but that the Plant Lists that show up from the Place Plant tool only looks at the Plant Lists - which are really snapshots at some point in time, of your selected Vines, Shrubs, Perennial, Favorites, etc. I'm not familiar with Filemaker, but I am hoping there is a way to run a script to run a "refresh" of the lists. Thanks again, Tina
  4. I have added new plants to my VW2008 Plant Database, and now when I go to the Place Plant tool, and select a symbol, and try to attach the plant data to it, the new plants don't show up in the lists. However, if I go to Landmark/VW Plant Database, and bring up the data base, my new plants are there. Do I need to re-synchronize my Place Plant tool somehow? I've already gone through the close VW and restart computer option. No changes. Any ideas? Did I miss a step? Tina Roushall WinXP Media, Laptop, Intel Core Dual, 1G RAM


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