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  1. Thanks, It worked great!
  2. I have created a simple symbol with a plant name record (brand new ). I insert it using the triangular spacing tool. The settings are set to render on placement with one outline. No centers. Every time i go to move the plant tag i get the spinning beach ball. If the beach ball doesnt stop i have to shut the program down and start over. Is there a easy way to do this? I am placing ground cover plants. so were talking about 300 instances.
  3. My mac version of vectorworks landmark, does not like the vegetation line command. When it does work, the arcs are spikey not cloud like. When it does not work I get the spinning beach ball and the program locks up. I 've tried using the command in a blank document. It does the same thing. Any suggestions?
  4. I did that. All I got was a grey rectangle. I have tried inserting more of the xfrog image props. The only thing I see now is a 3d locus point.
  5. I did check classses and layers. I did notice that classes were set to grey others. I changed that to show snap modify others, all layers on and classes. I still only see a wireframe box. No image. Now all I did was insert the xfrog 3d image prop. I did not make it a plant symmbol or anything. I obviously am missing something basic. Help!
  6. How do you bring in a xfrog image prop and have it show up? Thanks
  7. Thanks, The leader attached to the center of the plant does move easily. If you zoom in on the text their is a shoulder line attached to the leader. Can that line made larger? Just curious. It looks like VW fixed it in 2009.
  8. vw 12.5 landmark had a shoulder on the plant tag. V 2008 has a tiny shoulder. Can it be made longer?
  9. Does anyone know how to make the arrows show up on the end of the plant tags? I see it on sample drawings.
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