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  1. This has been a problem on both platforms but I've been trying to Search/Replace text "LD-12-1" to "LD-12-1-##" and when I do it crashes the computer or at least the program. I've found a way around it by Replacing "LD-12-1" to "LT-X" and then to "LD-12-1-##" and that works quickly and the program doesn't seem bothered by it. I wonder if it's simply because I'm only adding text to the Search/Replace string.
  2. I assumed I would have to reselect the document when I changed platforms. My worry is that the reference disappears completely. Does the previous explanation also explain this?
  3. I'm working X-Platform between a G-4 Mac and a Pentium III Windows XP machine. When I create a workgroup reference on my PC and then I load the file on my Mac, the reference disappears. The layers remain as if they were still referenced but the reference itself is gone. It's almost no problem to go back and recreate that reference except it's a little time consuming due to file size. The files are on a Mac file server and the references do not move locations. Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately I am on a wondows machine so PrintToPDF is no good to me. Any suggestions on a pdf program for windows? Thanks.
  5. I've seen several posts on this but I have yet to see a solution. I too am printing to Acrobat and my text is shifting to the left and up which makes the pdf useless. Thanks in advance.
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