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  1. Quicky, what is recommended for an alternative or post rendering software? - Artlantis - Cinema 4D - Sketch Up Or any other suggestions. Remember, I am trying to do exterior architectural renderings for residential promotion brochures. Thanks
  2. (Too bad I only found heard about this site yesterday) While I'm being such a nuissance... got another question (and I'm sure there's several more to follow), I'd like to bring in exterior light fixture, (lighting itself is not important) to give the home some detail and personality, are there any in the library... I've searched and cannot find. If not and if possible, can I bring those into VW as a prop? but will they turn with the camera and once again how to I clean up the boarder surrounding the fixture jpg that I borrowed off Google image? Thx
  3. Thanks again for your help. I've been using the Object-X Frog Library but I'm still disappointed that I cannot find or there has not been any small shrubs or flowers included. I've also found the nature folder and it includes 2 2d flower beds which are pratically the same image. I've applied this to a extruded object and it still doesnt give me what I'm looking for. I need something with substance, not a flat texture. Also, I've tried added or creating my own image prop of a 'rock' which i found a jpg of on the net. I've cleaned up the surroundings in PS and have now imported it into VW but I have a squared grey background surrounding it. How can I bring in this object without that background? Is this a masking problem, because I've tried to mask it but it only lets me mask the object itself and not its surroundings. Does it need to be cleaned up more in PS or is there a way to create the 'rock' jpg without that grey background box? Thanks and keep em coming!
  4. Thanks a bunch boys. I'm glad to see some responses to my ridiculous questions. Is it possible to elaborate on the HDRI Skydome, the importing of objects i.e. plants and trees (do i need to clean them up in photoshop), the correct filters or positioning used in vectorworks. I'm really dissapointed in the plants offered in Landmark, I feel that there is not enough selection of flowers (only 1 available that I can find) and the trees look awful repetative. If you get a chance, go to these links and get an idea of my target. Its too bad I cant attach my lastest rendering to show you where I'm at. http://www.grilli.qc.ca/Le_Brunello/le_brunello.html http://www.illustra.com/ Thanks again guys, please keep sending me hints and tips, but remember I'm new at this. Urban planner by trade, temporarily rendering...
  5. I'm attempting to create 3D rendering with renderworks/landmark for the purpose of promotional brochures for a residential developer. I see many excellent quality photos with smooth surfaces, detailed and extensive vegetation, perfect angles etc... said to have been created with vectorworks. How can I create renderings that compete with those on other developers websites? What are they using or doing that I'm not? Am I missing a type of render mode? Do they use a different rendering software? If anyone creates renderings regularly, can you please give me some hints/tips to get these picture-perfect models as seen on the net? If photoshop is the key, which filters are used? If another software is used for those finishing touches, which is it? Lastly, we recently ordered Landmark assuming it would contain all the types of vegetation seen in the gallery models and case study articles but all we can find are trees and more trees. Where can we find; shrubs, flowers, small bushes, for example, small plants to be used in a flowerbed. Do these not come with landmark? Where are these 1200 types of flora discussed on the website? Thank you for your time and help, please send me towards the light !


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