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  1. Jan15 many thanks for your message. I must admit I wasn't aware that you could unbind a bound xref as easily as that! I think the only way to solve my problem is to issue as pdf or ensure that recipients have VWviewer. Many thanks to all the other helpful advise, this is my first time of using this service and very pleased at response. Richard
  2. Katie, thanks for reply. I am wanting recipients to not be abe to alter any part of the drawing. We generally send drawings as .dwg as most of our consultants are AutoCAD users.
  3. Dear Travis many thanks for your reply. However, although it breaks the link and preserves the info, the info is still alterable by recipients. We would like to capture the drawing and send it in an unalterable state. We have only been able to do this by sending PDF's of drawings but this is a bit inconvenient.
  4. I am 39 today and don't know how to "bind" a workgroup reference ala AutoCAD xref "bind". Is there a Vectorworks equivalent to this function? Many thanks in anticipation Richard PS I woul like to know the answer before I am 40!
  5. Hi, having come from AutCAD I am wanting to "bind" workgoup references in order to issue to other consultants so that they cannot be tampered with. I am having to creat pdf at present is there some Vectorworks equivalent of AutoCAD xref - bind. Thanks Richard


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