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  1. When turning it on, my cpu responds very slow. What could be the problem? Is it that I need more RAM or a faster processor or both? I've tried reducing the memory usage of the symbols I use to as minimal as possible. I would think less vertices less memory. So I simplified them. Yet it is still slow.
  2. In trying to get the script to recognize the plant category, the plants that I put on the drawing doesn't seem to pick up the proper plant category. It just list "plant category" in the field in the oip>data tab. So I go in the plant's definition to check if the plant cat. is selected appropriately and it is and so i click all the oks to go back to the drawing and now it is updated in the oip. I don't want to have to do this for each plant that I introduce to the drawing. Is there a way to streamline this? Am I applying the script wrong?
  3. I would like to have the ability to rotate the view in design layer instead of going by alternate coordinate system as a guide to use to draw odd angled buildings. Please add this simple feature.
  4. alexrv

    Plant Database

    I agree, I also notice that as I add some plants, they will be missing later on when I go back to find them. Can someone explain this and how to fix it? I find myself retyping some plants later. NNA pleaase make dramatic improvements on the pd.
  5. Petri, Thanks for the script but how do I implement it? I'm a script newbie. I don't even know how to begin. I go into script editor and then what?
  6. Hi all, I think I understand how the "enable auto-classing" works. Is it by putting a plug-in object on the dwg and as soon as you drop it the object is put in a class that it was assigned to or it will create one if it is not existing already? Like the door symbol? If this is so, how can I get place plant tool to do the same? Like I want the trees on one default class and shrubs and gcs on its own default classes too. I dabbled a little on scripting,and I tried script editor to put in a default and it works but it puts all of them in one class. If someone knows also about scripting and how to solve this, chime in please. The reason for this is for easier selection and editing of the type of plants without having to select each one manually. Also I don't have to worry about plant symbols not being in the proper class. Now if there is another way to accomplish this then I'm all ears.


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