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  1. -Hej Islandmon,

    wow it is a really an honour that you you gonna help me out in this case but take your time if you have serious tasks to fulfill. I don t want to bug you guys too hard with that but I hoped that maybe someone else had my issue before and solved it somehow.

    But thank you so much in advance ;)


    Thanks a lot for your research. Sounds good to me ;) . I already found a lisp-autocad file but i don t have a clue either how to convert it into vector-script.

  2. Hey Ron and Grant!

    Thanks for your answers ;)

    I know it is a tough question, sorry.

    I hoped there might be already an script to built clothoids.

    I need this special kind of curve to get a smooth road because normal curves won t fit in this case and i need it in a parametric kind of way.

    Right now i try to figure it out via Javascript but i have no clue how VectorScript is being programmed.

    Thanks a lot for your tips ;)

  3. hi there,

    i had a few probs with the offset-tool

    composed a curve shaped polygon...used an inner offset and clipped the inner from the outer form. unfortunately the offsetted inner form isn t curvy anymore. it is just polyline and the accuracy of the curves is all gone.

    i just figured out if i offset curves one by one and compose it later on. i get a curved form but it takes ages to do this.

    thanks in advance


  4. hi everyone...it always cost my nerves to extrude every single nurbs-shape which i have created in 2d

    is there a handy tool or way to multiple extrude nurbs in a sudden.

    or when i have created a solid and wanna cut out some volumes i need to click the first and second solid and click substract and so on till my workflow is completely stalled. there must be a way to macro this?

    /w regards semtex

  5. Can someone tell me when 3d hatches will be available in VW?

    Archi-Cad and Autocad support this features even for a longer period of time.

    Has someone have had good results wrapping textures on solidobjects?

    I mean it seems pretty nasty to render this thingy out.

    Thanks in advance


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