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  1. Yes. It's for the International Version.
  2. I made a small workaround for this problem. I placed the script in the object context menue, so its always present. The function is limited to single dimensions, maybe some solutions for chain dimensions here in the forum. so here comes my script for setting the elevation in SIA dim. { //// Set Dim Elevation (c) B. Schambeck. Distribute Freely. //// } PROCEDURE DimElevation; VAR H1 : HANDLE; dialogOK,ShElev, CusElev : BOOLEAN; dialog1,sx,x : INTEGER; elev,y : REAL; lead,trail : STRING; { //// Dialog Handler //// } PROCEDURE Dialog_Handler(VAR item:LONGINT; data:LONGINT); BEGIN CASE item OF SetupDialogC:BEGIN SetBooleanItem(dialog1,4,TRUE); SetBooleanItem(dialog1,5,TRUE); H1:= FSActLayer; x:= GetPrefInt(170); IF (x = 8) THEN BEGIN sx := 10; END; IF (x = 9) THEN BEGIN sx := 1000; END; y:=GetObjectVariableReal(H1,47); SetEditReal(dialog1, 7, 3, y/sx); END; 1:BEGIN { get settings } GetBooleanItem(dialog1, 4, ShElev); GetBooleanItem(dialog1, 5, CusElev); dialogOK := GetEditReal(dialog1, 7, 3, elev); GetItemText(dialog1, 9, lead); GetItemText(dialog1, 11, trail); END; END; END; { //// Dialog Creation //// } BEGIN dialog1 := CreateLayout('Dim Elevation',FALSE,'OK','Cancel'); CreateCheckBox(dialog1,4,'Show Elevation'); CreateCheckBox(dialog1,5,'Custom Elevation'); CreateStaticText(dialog1,6,'Elevation:',-1); CreateEditReal(dialog1,7,3,0,26); CreateStaticText(dialog1,8,'Leader:',-1); CreateEditText(dialog1,9,'',26); CreateStaticText(dialog1,10,'Trailer:',-1); CreateEditText(dialog1,11,'',26); SetFirstLayoutItem(dialog1, 4); SetBelowItem (dialog1,4,5,0,0); SetBelowItem (dialog1,5,6,0,0); SetRightItem (dialog1,6,7,0,0); SetBelowItem (dialog1,6,8,0,0); SetRightItem (dialog1,8,9,0,0); SetBelowItem (dialog1,8,10,0,0); SetRightItem (dialog1,10,11,0,0); AlignItemEdge (dialog1,6,1,1010,1); AlignItemEdge (dialog1,8,1,1010,1); AlignItemEdge (dialog1,10,1,1010,1); AlignItemEdge (dialog1,7,3,1010,1); AlignItemEdge (dialog1,9,3,1010,1); AlignItemEdge (dialog1,11,3,1010,1); IF VerifyLayout(dialog1) THEN BEGIN IF RunLayoutDialog(dialog1, Dialog_Handler) = 1 THEN BEGIN x:= GetPrefInt(170); IF (x = 8) THEN BEGIN sx := 10; END; IF (x = 9) THEN BEGIN sx := 1000; END; H1:= FSActLayer; SetObjectVariableBoolean(H1,46,ShElev); SetObjectVariableBoolean(H1,1249,CusElev); SetObjectVariableReal(H1,47,elev*sx); SetObjectVariableString(H1,48,lead); SetObjectVariableString(H1,49,trail); ResetObject(H1); END; END; END; Run(DimElevation);
  3. the same here. its greyed out. "set elevation" is a core feature for me. without that, version 2012 is useless. i expect a quick solution for this bug.
  4. Dear Maarten, Thank you for your help. Everything works fine now. in my script there was a fault. Accidentally i had FOR laycnt:=0 TO NumLayers DO instead of FOR laycnt:=0 TO NumLayers DO paul
  5. Dear Maarten the changes don't work. The problem is that the script counts the symbols in all layers not only in the selected ones. How can you tell the script only to count the symbols in layers, contained in the DynWahllayer array? paul
  6. Dear Maarten, thank you for your quick reply. There are a few little faults. "FOR laycnt:=1 TO NumLayers DO" should be "FOR laycnt:=0 TO NumLayers DO". But the other fault, i have no idea. The script give always the total quantity of symbols from the first layer in list (regardless if the layer is selected or not) to the last selected layer. any ideas? Paul
  7. Ok here is the script. {Maarten Vandickelen and others 2008} PROCEDURE Layerlist; VAR winH : DYNARRAY of HANDLE; WinL : DYNARRAY of REAL; WinN : DYNARRAY of STRING; WinQ : DYNARRAY of LONGINT; DynWahlLayer : DYNARRAY OF STRING; total : INTEGER; count, counter : INTEGER; tmpS,sytext,gName,vargName : STRING; tmpCount, posSel, position : INTEGER; cnt1,cnt2 : INTEGER; tmpR : REAL; tmpH, Latemp : HANDLE; tmpL : LONGINT; pt1,pt2 : POINT; ptN1,ptN2 : POINT; id : LONGINT; Layerliste : INTEGER; varLName, WahlLayer : STRING; {--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} PROCEDURE Dialog; VAR id : INTEGER; Dialogresult : INTEGER; PROCEDURE Define_NameDialog; BEGIN id := CreateResizableLayout('List',TRUE,'OK','Cancel',TRUE,TRUE); { define the controls for the dialog } CreateStaticText(id,4,'Symbolname contains:',-1); CreateEditText(id,5,'window',26); CreateStaticText(id,6,'Select Layers',-1); CreateListBoxN(id,7,33,13,True); { perform the dialog layout } SetFirstLayoutItem(id,4); SetRightItem(id,4,5,0,0); SetBelowItem(id,5,6,0,0); SetBelowItem(id,6,7,0,0); { perform final control alignment and adjustment AlignItemEdge(id,4,1,1001,0); SetEdgeBinding (id,6,FALSE,FALSE,TRUE,FALSE); SetEdgeBinding (id,7,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE); { create help text for controls } SetHelpString(1,'List'); SetHelpString(2,'Cancel the operation and exit.'); SetHelpString(4,'Symbolname contains string.'); SetHelpString(5,'Symbolname contains string.'); SetHelpString(7,'STRG + click'); END; {--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} PROCEDURE Drive_NameDialog (Var item,data : LONGINT); PROCEDURE Dialogsettings; PROCEDURE Layerlistfilling(Layerliste:INTEGER); VAR I : INTEGER; LayerName : STRING; LayerHand : HANDLE; id : LONGINT; LayerZahl : DYNARRAY OF STRING; BEGIN ALLOCATE Layerzahl[1..NumLayers]; LayerHand := FLayer; I := 1; LayerZahl[i] := GetLName(layerHand); REPEAT LayerHand := NextObj(LayerHand); I := I+1; LayerZahl[i] := GetLName(layerHand); UNTIL I = NumLayers; SortArray(LayerZahl,NumLayers,1); FOR I := 1 TO NumLayers DO InsertChoice(7,NumChoices(7),LayerZahl[i]); END; BEGIN Layerlistfilling(Layerliste); END; {--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} PROCEDURE SetInfo(h : HANDLE); VAR cnt : INTEGER; bool : BOOLEAN; BEGIN IF total>0 THEN FOR cnt:=1 TO total DO IF GetSymName(h)=WinN[cnt] THEN BEGIN bool:=TRUE; WinQ[cnt]:=WinQ[cnt]+1; END; IF NOT bool THEN BEGIN total:=total+1; ALLOCATE winH[1..total]; ALLOCATE winL[1..total]; ALLOCATE winN[1..total]; ALLOCATE winQ[1..total]; winH[total]:=h; GetBBox(h,pt1.x,pt1.y,pt2.x,pt2.y); WinL[total]:=pt2.x-pt1.x; WinN[total]:=GetSymName(h); WinQ[total]:=1; END; END; {--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} PROCEDURE HANDLEOK; BEGIN ALLOCATE DynWahlLayer[0..NumLayers]; counter := 0; posSel := 0; GetSelChoice(7,posSel,position,WahlLayer); DynWahlLayer[counter] := WahlLayer; REPEAT counter := counter+1; posSel := posSel+1; GetSelChoice(7,posSel,position,WahlLayer); DynWahlLayer[counter] := WahlLayer; UNTIL (zaehler>position); gName := GetField(5); vargName:=concat('(','S=',CHR(39),'*',gName,'*',CHR(39),') & (L IN [',DynWahlLayer[zaehler],'])'); ForEachObject(SetInfo,vargName); IF total<>0 THEN BEGIN {create new layer} tmpS:='New_Layer'; IF GetObject(tmpS)<>NIL THEN BEGIN REPEAT tmpCount:=tmpCount+1; IF GetObject(ConCat(tmpS,Num2Str(0,tmpCount)))=NIL THEN tmpS:=ConCat(tmpS,Num2Str(0,tmpCount)); UNTIL(GetObject(tmpS)=NIL); END; Layer(tmpS); SetLScale(ActLayer, 50); DoMenuTextByName('Standard Views',1); {sort symbols by length} FOR cnt1:=1 TO total DO BEGIN FOR cnt2:=1 TO total-cnt1 DO BEGIN IF WinL[cnt2]>WinL[cnt2+1] THEN BEGIN tmpH:=WinH[cnt2]; tmpR:=WinL[cnt2]; tmpS:=WinN[cnt2]; WinH[cnt2]:=WinH[cnt2+1]; WinL[cnt2]:=WinL[cnt2+1]; WinN[cnt2]:=WinN[cnt2+1]; WinH[cnt2+1]:=tmpH; WinL[cnt2+1]:=tmpR; WinN[cnt2+1]:=tmpS; END; END; END; {place symbol} FOR count:=1 TO total DO BEGIN IF count=1 THEN BEGIN Symbol(winN[count],0,0,0); GetBBox(LNewObj,pt1.x,pt1.y,pt2.x,pt2.y); MoveTo(0,pt2.y-20cm); CreateText(Concat(Num2Str(0,WinQ[count]),' St?ck ',CHR(13),WinN[count])); SetTextJust(LNewObj,1); END ELSE BEGIN GetBBox(LNewObj,pt1.x,pt1.y,pt2.x,pt2.y); Symbol(WinN[count],0,0,0); GetBBox(LNewObj,ptN1.x,ptN1.y,ptN2.x,ptN2.y); {move this symbol 100cm over the last symbol} HMove(LNewObj,pt2.x-ptN1.x+100cm,0); {write the quantity and name under the symbol} MoveTo(pt2.x-ptN1.x+100cm,ptN2.y-20 cm); CreateText(Concat(Num2Str(0,WinQ[count]),' St?ck ',CHR(13),WinN[count])); SetTextJust(LNewObj,1); END; END; DoMenuTextByName('Standard Views',3); SetLayerRenderMode(ActLayer,6,true,false); END; END; {--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} PROCEDURE HANDLEBAD; BEGIN END; BEGIN CASE item OF SetupDialogC: Dialogsettings; 1 : HANDLEOK; 2 : HANDLEBAD; END; END; BEGIN Define_NameDialog; IF VerifyLayout(id) THEN Dialogresult:=RunLayoutDialog(id,Drive_NameDialog); END; BEGIN Dialog; END; RUN(Layerlist);
  8. the problem is that the dynarray 'DynWahlLayer' has not the right settings. VW crashes. What are the right settings for giving the selected layers over to the array?
  9. Dear maarten, i used now a listbox. the listbox will be filled with the layers. but how can i now give the selected layers to my searchstring? PROCEDURE HANDLEOK; BEGIN ALLOCATE DynWahlLayer[0..posSel+1]; counter := 0; posSel := 0; GetSelChoice(7,posSel,position,WahlLayer); DynWahlLayer[counter] := WahlLayer; REPEAT counter := counter+1; posSel := posSel+1; GetSelChoice(7,posSel,position,WahlLayer); DynWahlLayer[counter] := WahlLayer; UNTIL (counter>position); gName := GetField(5); vargName:=concat('(','S=',CHR(39),'*',gName,'*',CHR(39),') & (L IN [',DynWahlLayer[counter],'])'); ForEachObject(SetInfo,vargName);
  10. i'm sorry, even basics are lost with me. paul
  11. Dear maarten, i use win and tried your script "LaagNaarDWG", but i can only select lines in order. What is your way doing it. paul
  12. Dear maarten, in this case ListBox is not the right choice i think, because you can only select layers in appropriate order, not for example the first layer in list the third and so on. I'm looking for a ListBrowser similar to the example listed under CreateLB in http://scs-inc.us/Other/VSFR/ Paul
  13. Hello Pat, Hello Maarten. Your script works fine, so far. I added a dialog to enter a searchstring for the symbolnames in the drawing. Also this works fine. Now i wanted to add a browerList to limit the search only on layers, which i check. But this i can not make working. May you have an idea. Paul
  14. Thanks Pat, Thanks Maarten for your help!!!!!!! Paul
  15. Dear Pat, Dear Maarten, i see here are masters at work and i'm just a greenhorn, like my membername says. So here is my last question. How can i now extract the quantity of each symbol out of the array and label my symbols?
  16. Thank you maarten for your quick answer. But my problem now is how to delete the doubles out of the array.
  17. Dear Pat, Dear maarten, thank you for your help. Yes maarten, i'm realy interested in your script. If you can post your code, it would help me a lot. paul
  18. Dear Pat, I'm trying to make a new drawing (layer), which contains all my symbols (in this case windows) placed in the drawing. My windowsymols are hybrid. So I make a new Layer, switch to 3D View 'front', search for all symbols, placed in the other layers of the Drawing, containing the substring 'window' and place them in the new Layer, labeled with name and quantity. All this with a script.
  19. I'm trying to make a script to list all symbols, which name contains the phrase 'window'. Is there something like a wildcard *? Any suggestions?
  20. Here is the code: PROCEDURE Space; { ? Petri Sakkinen 2002 } CONST kObjOnInitXProperties = 5; kResetEventID = 3; kObjXPropSpecialEdit = 3; kDefaultSpecialEdit = 0; kCustomSpecialEdit = 1; kPropertiesSpecialEdit = 2; kReshapeSpecialEdit = 3; kObjXIs2DSurfaceEligible = 14; VAR theEvent, theButton :LONGINT; fID : INTEGER; result :BOOLEAN; objHand, recHand, wallHand, pathHand, dupeHand :HANDLE; objName, spaceArea, spacePerim, spaceGroup, labelText, font :STRING; x, y, x1, y1, x2, y2, rotA, tagA : REAL; PROCEDURE MakeTag; BEGIN IF PTAGSPACENO THEN labelText:=CONCAT(PSPACENO, ' ', CHR(13)); IF PTAGSPACENAME THEN labelText:=CONCAT(labelText, PSPACENAME, CHR(13)) ELSE labelText:=CONCAT(labelText, CHR(13)); IF PTAGSPACEAREA THEN labelText:=CONCAT(labelText, 'A: ', spaceArea, ' m? ', CHR(13)); IF PTAGSPACEPERIM THEN labelText:=CONCAT(labelText, 'U: ', spacePerim, ' m ', CHR(13)); IF PTAGGROUP THEN labelText:=CONCAT(labelText, spaceGroup, CHR(13)); IF PTAGLAYER THEN labelText:=CONCAT(labelText, GETLNAME(GETLAYER(dupeHand))); x:=PCONTROLPOINT01X; y:=PCONTROLPOINT01Y; tagA:= PTAGANGLE; rotA:=GETSYMROT(dupeHand); font:=PFONT; IF NOT(font='Default') THEN BEGIN fID:=GETFONTID(font); TEXTFONT(fID); END; TEXTROTATE(tagA-rotA); NAMECLASS('TAGS'); TEXTJUST(1); TEXTVERTICALALIGN(1); TEXTSIZE(PTEXTSIZE); FILLPAT(0); TEXTORIGIN(x, y); CREATETEXT(labelText); END; BEGIN vsoGetEventInfo(theEvent, theButton); CASE theEvent OF {User has single-clicked the object's icon.} kObjOnInitXProperties: BEGIN {This defines the double-click behavior to active the 2D Reshape tool.} result := SetObjPropCharVS(kObjXPropSpecialEdit, Chr(kReshapeSpecialEdit)); result := SetObjPropVS(kObjXIs2DSurfaceEligible, TRUE); END; {Object reset has been called.} kResetEventID: BEGIN IF GetCustomObjectInfo(objName, objHand, recHand, wallHand) THEN BEGIN pathHand := GetCustomObjectPath(objHand); dupeHand := CreateDuplicateObject(pathHand, objHand); spaceArea:=NUM2STR(2, HAREA(dupeHand)/10000); spacePerim:=NUM2STR(2, HPERIM(dupeHand)/100); MakeTag; END; END; END; END; Run(Space);
  21. Dear Petri, i modified your space PIO, posted in Vectordepot, "event-enabled", which works fine now. if you want i can post the code here.
  22. I?m sorry Petri, but I'dont know how to use this code in my PIO.
  23. what means "event-enabled"?
  24. I made a path Pio similar to builtin space tool. Sofar it works fine. But if i want to cut out an hole in my spacepoly with the 2Dreshape tool nothing happens. Any ideas?
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