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  1. Do I need to make sure the GeoTiff is exactly the same size as the DTM, if I want them to line up properly?
  2. No, is that what I need to learn, texture mapping? I see it in the manual, but so far I haven't had to do it. If I know that it will work, I will invest the time and try to figure it out. Thanks for the tips!
  3. How do I make sure the orthophoto winds up in exactly the right place?
  4. I want to use my own orthophoto and contours, which are a lot better than Google Earth's... So, I need to first make a NURBS of the DTM that's the same size as the orthophoto, and then make a texture out of the ortho?
  5. Is is possible to drape a photo over a DTM? Even free Google Earth can do this - I gotta believe I can do it too, right?
  6. I tried both of these ideas, but the Model>Subtract solids is grayed, so I can't do that, and when I tried to use Model>3D Power Pack> Create Surface from Curves, an error comes up, "Surface could not be created from curve network" I think the problem may be, that they are just linear polygons, just a line with a Z value. So it isn't a solid. Any other ideas??
  7. I do need to end up with 3D polys in the final product...can those be created en masse from 3D loci if I converted everything to loci?
  8. I have a huge contour map comprised of hundreds of planar 3D polygons. I need to cut out a piece in the middle of the map, to be able to plug in more accurate contours that I have from another source. How can I do this? The 2D trimming tools don't work on them, and all the 3D stuff seems to require a solid to work with. I need to maintain the continuity of the polygons, so busting them up into loci isn't an option... Thanks in advance...
  9. Does anyone know an easy way to find the print box when it's "lost" somewhere in the far reaches of the drawing? When I re-scale my drawing, the print box usually leaves the scene, and the only way I know to get it back is to zoom way, way out, until I see it, then move it back to my drawing...


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