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  1. Just upgraded our server to a new Intel based Mac Server running the most current version of OS X Server. Vectorworks has been a constant problem since the upgrade. Aside from the files being read only for know known reason, the latest is that the files are corrupting on a regular basis and there is only a slim chance of recovery. If they do recover, they is a 50/50 chance they will recover fully. Even the back ups are corrupting. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Upgrading to 12 doesn't fix it either. We know, we have been dealing with this issue since we upgraded to 10. The ONLY workaround is to add "all" of the serial numbers you own to each workstation., The workstation will use whatever one is NOT in use at the time.
  3. Scenario - Our office Mac OSX 10.4 running Vectorworks 10 and Vectorworks 12 - Fundamentals Only. Running both because old projects are in 10 and new ones in 12 (we missed the 11 update all together) 20 users - G4's & G5's all with 1+ GB of ram. Crashes/Freezes - Vectorworks 12 just crashes, freezes, becomes unresponsive. Force Quit is the only option. No rhyme or reason we can put our finger on. (Please note - we are not using 10 and 12 at the same time, only one program is open at a time). Corruption - You save a file and when you go to reopen it it says it is corrupt. Autosave feature saves 0k files, manual save sometimes saves a 0k file. Sometimes files mysteriously go from 5000k to 20k, of course it is now corrupt, too. These files are all ones that we converted (10 to 12) BUT have worked just fine for a period of time. Some of the files we converted 10 to 12 are still just fine and dandy. Suggestions? HELP
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