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  1. They have been aware of the malfunction for some time now. They replied to me months ago and said it was being addressed. I re-reported this a few days ago also sending them a file. I guess their on it once again. Forgive me but I still have not figured out how to send a file attachment on this forum, if you can help me I'll be glad to send you a test file, or it might be a lot simpler for me to email it to you.


  2. Even with the update to the Student version of VW 2009 the Fasia & Soffit command is still not working. When creating a roof with a fasia & soffit both the fasia and soffit falls to the ground plane and never stays where they should which is on the roof. HELP!!!

  3. I'm using the student version VW 2009. I installed everything that came with the download (i,e, Plugins etc) but for some reason I'm still unable to export C4D files. When I export the file it puts a text file on my desktop. Should the student version of VW 2009 work the same as the Full version?


  4. Can someone tell me what I should keep in mind when creating a house plan in Vectorworks to avoid the error massage,

    "Could not create roof, house drawing to complex to compute roof"

    It seems like every time I create a plan with more then one offset room I get this message. It's frustrating because I'm force to change the plan just to comply with the program.

    Please Help!

  5. I create 3d models in VectorWorks 12, then import them into Cinema 4d 9.6, then export into Vue 7 xstream in the 3Ds format. I noticed that the models I create do not give me good performance in Vue 7 xstream like other models that I get from another sources (i,e. Cornucopia etc). Is there something I can do befor exporting the model from VectorWorks or C4D in 3Ds format that would improve the performance once I import it into Vue 7 xStream?


  6. I've been trying to import a Sketchup model into VW 12.5.3 and I always seem to get the same dialog saying; "To import Sketchup files on an Intel Macintosh, quit VectorWorks, select it in the finder, and choose "Get Info" from the file menu. Click the "Open in Rosetta" checkbox and relaunch VectorWorks". After doing all that it still does not work. Will this feature ever work in VW 12.5.3? Help!! Oh, just in-case I didn't mention it, I'm on a MacBook Pro.

  7. I'm not really sure of the terminology, because I've heard it called many things (Turn-about etc) but, I need to know how to create the section of the roof that is just above the garage door in my attachment with this post. I'm using VW 12.5.

  8. Is there a way to create a cut-away section in a 3d model (i.e, viewing the exterior house model you'll also be able to see cut-away sections, wall,interior etc for presentation uses) or is this the job of only third party software, and if so which software & methods are required. Or would this subject be best suited for the "Wish List" forum?

  9. Is there a trick to creating a roof in VW 12.5 after trying to do so, and an alert pops up saying "Could not create roof. house drawing is too complex to compute roof"

    Please tell me there is another way and that the structure does not need to be redesigned or modifided.


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