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  1. I have reviewed the message boards several times about the crashing every 10-15 minutes that a lot of individuals including myself and an office of 10 (ten) are experiencing. Nothing has been posted by the VW tech support that even comes close to satisfying my dilemmas. I have several machines running 8.6 / 8.5.1 / 9.0.4 (G3?s and G4?s) all with 256MB of RAM, with over 80MB of RAM allocated to VW alone, and we still experience crashes doing simple commands such as zooming in and out, or panning left or right with the arrow keys. There is a major problem with the VW software that needs to be resolved on all ends of the spectrum, and I would like to read some intelligent trouble shooting comments, that goes beyond the general comments of upgrades. Our office has every upgrade possible and a variety of scenario?s to cover all possibilities. What really gets me going is..... We by several licenses in this product (VW) and one would expected to have some sort of confidence in the software they use, not mention the confidence one would like to have in tech support behind that particular software. With VW I have absolutely no confidence in either!!! Thank you for all the headaches and times I have been late for my deadlines!!!
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