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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble reading data from a file that will be used for parametric processing and I can't seem to get the vs.Read() function to work. Here is a portion of my script. import vs import os isFileSelected, fileName = vs.GetFileN("Select the part list file:", "~/Documents", "txt") if isFileSelected: vs.Open( fileName ) partName = vs.Read() width = vs.Read() length = vs.Read() The file seems to open as expected, but I then I get the following: The file I'm reading is tab delimited and currently contains just the part names and their associated width and length. I have a feeling I missing something simple like formatting or an include. Also, I have quite a bit programming experience with VectorScript but would like to transition to Python. Is there a good source for example Vectorworks Python scripts beyond the few that are on the developers page? Thanks in advance, Jozsef


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