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  1. Ok, i think i get it, you first set the view in a design layer, then you make the viewport and it automaticly set at the same view. thx, but i think it i s not that good, because everytime you want a certain view,you must delete the old viewport, set the view and make a new viewport, but it will do, thx
  2. I saw that there are new functions for the spreadsheet in VW 12. But I can't find what they mean. I now some by name but what are these for:? -Database -Objecttype
  3. The problem is that it is a viewport and it is used to be part of what i want to print. set 3d view and those renderworks camera doesn't create a viewport, so you can't use them for that, only for viewing on the screen. and the viewport can not be streched.
  4. When I set my view at an isometric view and then set it to perspective (instead of orthogonal), it shows nothing and the view window is set very small. Can someone help me? (I had the same problem in 11.5 but i thought it would be over in 12)
  5. Just place the window in the two layers on the same heigth, then the problem is solved!
  6. I managed to put a window in a roof, but when i render the image, there is only a hole in the roof. The window is gone when rendering, Can someone explain to me what's happening here? thx
  7. k, thx Str2Num gives no problem when I use ForEachObject. So there's no more problem, really thx
  8. I made an object myself for creating an opening: code: PROCEDURE Gevelopening; VAR breedte, hoogte :REAL; rood, groen, blauw :LONGINT; {$INCLUDE D - Klassen.vss} BEGIN Maak_Klassen; breedte :=PBREEDTE; hoogte :=PHOOGTE; {-2D-} NameClass('Loci - 2D'); Locus(-breedte/2,0); Locus( breedte/2,0); NameClass('Geen'); ColorIndexToRGB(0,rood,groen,blauw); FillBack(rood,groen,blauw); FillFore(rood,groen,blauw); FillPat(1); ColorIndexToRGB(0,rood,groen,blauw); PenBack(rood,groen,blauw); PenFore(rood,groen,blauw); PenPat(0); PenSize(0); BeginPoly; AddPoint((-breedte/2-5), 10); AddPoint(( breedte/2+5), 10); AddPoint(( breedte/2+5), 5); AddPoint( breedte/2 , 5); AddPoint( breedte/2 ,- 5); AddPoint(( breedte/2+5),- 5); AddPoint(( breedte/2+5),-10); AddPoint((-breedte/2-5),-10); AddPoint((-breedte/2-5),- 5); AddPoint( -breedte/2 ,- 5); AddPoint( -breedte/2 , 5); AddPoint((-breedte/2-5), 5); AddPoint((-breedte/2-5), 10); EndPoly; NameClass('Metselwerk - Gevel'); MoveTo((-breedte/2-5),5); Line( 5, 0); Line( 0,-10); Line(-5, 0); MoveTo((breedte/2+5),5); Line(-5, 0); Line( 0,-10); Line( 5, 0); NameClass('Metselwerk - Onzichtbaar'); MoveTo(-breedte/2,-5); Line(breedte,0); NameClass('Metselwerk - Zichtbaar'); MoveTo((-breedte/2-5),-5); Line( 0,-5); Line((breedte+10), 0); Line( 0, 5); {-3D-} NameClass('Loci - 3D'); Locus3D(-breedte/2,0,230); Locus3D( breedte/2,0,230); Locus3D(-breedte/2,0,(205-hoogte)); Locus3D( breedte/2,0,(205-hoogte)); NameClass('Metselwerk - Gevel'); BeginXtrd(210,230); Rect(-breedte/2,5,breedte/2,-5); EndXtrd; NameClass('Gesteenten - Arduin'); BeginXtrd((205-hoogte),(210-hoogte)); Rect((-breedte/2-5),10,(breedte/2+5),-10); EndXtrd; END; run(Gevelopening);[/code] Now I want to use the parameters for the object to count how much meters there are, so I need the width code: PROCEDURE Bereken_Prijs; VAR h_rollaag :REAL; laag_naam :STRING; laag_handle :HANDLE; object_handle :HANDLE; {$INCLUDE D - Lagen.vss} {$INCLUDE D - Klassen.vss} FUNCTION Prijs_Ruwbouwwerken:REAL; BEGIN Prijs_Ruwbouwwerken:= + 9.92*1.27*h_rollaag {Rollagen boven gevelopeningen}; END; BEGIN Maak_Lagen; Maak_Klassen; h_rollaag :=0; laag_handle:=FLayer; WHILE laag_handle<>NIL DO BEGIN laag_naam:=GetLName(laag_handle); Layer(laag_naam); DSelectAll; SelectObj(C='Schrijnwerk - Opening'); object_handle:=FSObject(laag_handle); WHILE object_handle<>NIL DO BEGIN h_rollaag:=h_rollaag+Str2Num(GetRField(object_handle,'D - Gevelopening','Breedte')); object_handle:=NextSObj(object_handle); END; laag_handle:=NextLayer(laag_handle); END; END; run(Bereken_Prijs);[/code]
  9. GetRField returns nothing, GetObjectVariableReal gives also nothing
  10. how to I get the parameters of a plug-in object from a script that's not the object. I mean I have a script that looks for the objects and then it must count the parameters together. but how do I acces these parameters?
  11. That I already knew, the problem is for calling a SUBROUTINE. you can make tools, commands, objects and subroutines, and vw says that these subroutines can be used by different tools and commands etc. so how can you call a subroutine from a tool?
  12. how can you call subroutines?
  13. I just saw that the image is mirrored in pieces of 4, so the first 4 columns are mirrored, then the next 4, so when you want your image to display more correctly, you must mirror the image every 4 columns. but then the image is stil not good, the colors are faded and so
  14. I just cut it in paint and then paste it on the field where you must past the image.
  15. How can you properly make a tool image? I made one with paint and it will not show properly. please help me with this one
  16. How to you load a bitmap image and use it?
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