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  1. Hello, Vectorworks seems to print an "incomplete" drawing with the HP 1220c. When printing out on a 11 x 17 from VW I only seem to get a partial print. (It also shows it as partial in the preview window) HP says it's not them since we have the latest drivers installed. Can anyone shed some light on the subject for me? VW (8.5.2), OS 9, G4,HP Deskjet1220c File sizes approx 1.5 megs pja [This message has been edited by Patrick (edited 12-11-2000).]
  2. Caleb, J.B. and I are both in the same office and as you can see by both our posts we are a bit frustrated w/ VW. These crashes ARE reproducible. The version of VW is listed in my post which is the latest (8.5.2). I would have to say the most common crash occurs during zooming in and out or panning left to right. Our files on an average are somewhat small in size (approx. 1.5 to 3 megs). It would be easy to say that our problem is due to another program running along side VW, but as I stated in my post, we have thoroughly tested this with a stripped down system. As J.B. mentioned, deadlines are being missed and tension are high in our office to switch CAD systems. We would rather not, but as I venture futher into to this problem I find there doesnt seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. pja
  3. To whomever gives a s***, We have been experiencing major crashes assoicated with VectorWorks. Our office is has about 10 stations that run VectorWorks and all of them crash on a regular basis, most of them every 15 to 30 minutes. We have tried EVERY single suggestion for remedy from VW support and this message board. We orginally thought it was the communication between the server and our stations so we upgraded our server to the latest and fastest apple sever available. We also stripped all our machine so that only VW was present (among other required software, QT...etc.) Of course after spending all the money to do all this we still experienced these crashes. And I'm not talking about little gliches that cause the program to crashes, these are full freezes that crash the whole computer. These occur when operating VectorWorks (mostly during zooms or pans) And before for any techs out there suggest I upgrade, allocate or run base extensions, save your breath, we've done it all. Our systems are running G4's w/ 9.0.4 OS w/ VW 8.5.2 w/ 256 megs of RAM (85 megs allocated to VW!!!!). We also have the latest Quicktime drivers and Rage video drivers. We do have a couple G3's w/ running 8.6 OS w/ the 8.5.2 V but they crash the computer just as much. I've read other threads on this board and I am extremely disappointed w/ the "standard" responses either from this boards Admin's or customer support. If we didn't already invest all this money in VectorWorks, we would of have been gone long ago. [This message has been edited by Patrick (edited 11-28-2000).]
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