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  1. From time to time v12 refuses to acknowledge the existance of any smart points on an object (usually a humble line) when trying to move one object's end point on to for example another object's endpoint. Both objects are part of the same group, which is in turn within another group, and both are on the same (active)class. Other people in my office have also experienced this problem. The symptom (bug?) only occurs occasionally, and duplicating and copy and pasting within the group only reproduces the same symptoms. Bizarrely: 1. copy and pasting into a fresh or same drawing outside the group somehow fixes their erratic nature and snapping via smart points is again possible 2. Most objects can snap to a mis-behaving line within the group, but two buggy lines cannot snap to each other (otherwise they would not be buggy right?). Thoughts anyone?
  2. There's another thread elsewhere on the message board describing a similar problem look for the title: Unopenable file: error message "This is an unrecognized file. It may be a...."
  3. Our server is running MacOS 10.3.7. We have had file corruptions in the past, but it's difficult to draw conclusions about the one occurance I experienced last month.
  4. Mark, I use the double click in finder method to open files. I'm not sure if the server OS has been updated recently, I'll need to check with our tech guy who is not in the office today. My colleagues, like myself, are all opening files from the same Mac server. Some of us use tiger some on panther versions of OS X. I am the only one who is running VW 11.5.1 the others are running 11.5. I have no other hardware attached to my iMac apart from the good old VW USB dongle, a mouse and a keyboard, and we are all wired up to our LAN which is a cabled gigabit ethernet variety. I have the VW autosave feature turned on, and for this file both the original and the VW backup exibit the same unrecognised file and 4kB size symptoms. I have tried copying both the original and the backup onto my desktop and opening but with the same resulting error message. Regards, Laurence
  5. Katie, in reply to your query- Quoting Finder: Kind: Vectorworks 11 drawing Size: 4KB on disk (Zero bytes) it's almost as if the file's basic info was written, and then the write was interupted. FYI, no one else has had this problem in our office yet, and yet it has happened to myself twice... Laurence
  6. Although a bad disk sector does not explain why the VW Backup file also is only 4kB and also unopenable...
  7. The file is on a Mac server. I've changed the extension to .mcd, but the file remains unopenable, as before. I've just checked the file size too...only 4kB on the disk instead of around 500kB, so it looks like it must have corrupted. Bad disk sector? I'll take a deep breath, and go back to drawing it again...
  8. I'm having difficulties opening a vectorworks file stored remotely on a server. It refuses to open, and when I attempt to open it I get the following dialogue box: "This is an unrecognised file. It may be a VectorWorks file created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old miniCAD file, it may have been created by another application, or it may have been corrupted by a hardware or system error." I have tried the workgroup referencing trick, but again I get the same error message before anything can be imported. I am running VectorWorks v11.5.1 Mac OS X v10.4.1 Fortunately I have an older version of this file which opens so I havn't lost too much work, but this is the second time this has happened in the history of this drawing, so something is wrong. The last time this happened I copied and pasted all the drawing info from the backup file to a new drawing and purged to try and oust any buggy elements. The file contains some data imported from an AutoCAD drawing, with addditions from my own VW work, and I'm the only one to have worked on the file. Incidently everyone else in my office is running VW v11.5, and they cannot open the file either. I'm am afraid this might happen again with more serious consequences.. Any ideas?
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