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  1. Thanks Kevin. I will turn off auto numbering. Does the Number Instruments feature also not work for this application?
  2. Is there anyway to begin numbering a series of multi-circuit units in the middle? For example - can I grab multiple multi-circuit units and ask that it begin numbering with C1? All of my attempts result it the unit being labeled A1, etc. If I grab all of the multi-circuit units and perform numbering it does just fine. My issue is starting in the middle.
  3. You are correct. Mapping was askew - the mapping I was looking at was for instrument type not devise type or instrument type symbol. After correcting the mapping all seems to be fine. Thanks for the clairification and help. I really appreciate it.
  4. Multiple instrument types (infact every one of 200 instruments on plot switch to "light" in instrument type upon refresh instruments) Mapping correct (even opened in outside application to check - all as it should be) Other thoughts?
  5. I have imported from LW many times before. Today, when I do it it replaces all instrument types to be "light" upon refreshing. I have checked all mapping and it seems to be fine. Any thoughts?
  6. OK - I figured it out. I did not select the button in LW which states: "Fill blanks with -" Once selected the import back to VW works just fine.
  7. I have tried with a new LW file - which works just fine. My issues is going from LW back into VW. I spoke with John and he suggested trying to put the fields in the order that VW exports. I did this - but still am having problems. It seems like LW export is where the glitch is - and John suggested there is a script for VW which will fix it. Do you know of such a script?
  8. I used to have no problem going back and forth with LW and VW. I had to re-install VW 11.5 and LW 4.1.2 and now it is not working. When I go to export instrument data from VW all is fine. Importing data to LW is fine. Exporting data out of LW is fine. Importing into VW is not successful. It orphans units on my drawing with the data in different fields. Any suggestions?
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