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  1. This is simple to explain. Here's the situation: 1. I open up a new document 2. Draw a wall or walls. Say it's 2 x6 exterior wood siding for example 3. Render it in Open GL and I see the walls with the siding and the whole thing 4. Render it in Final Quality Renderworks and the objects vanish If I mouse over where the objects are, they show up briefly, but mouse off of it and I'm looking at a blank screen. Why is this happening?
  2. ds470847

    Dormers and Roofs

    I have a 45 degree hipped roof with 45 degree gabled dormers. In Vectorworks, how do I adjust the dormer wall and roof thicknesses, so that the dormer is flush with the main hip mass. I have played around with the geometry, but it always seems to mismatch. Thank you very much for your reply. It seems the program itself allows should be placing the dormer flush with the roof. I have determined what thickness a 45 degree hip roof should be to meet with a 7.5 inch thick wall. Still no good however.
  3. ds470847

    Dormers and Roofs

    Is there anyway for me to figure out the proper wall, roof, dormer wall/roof, thicknesses so that there are no overlaps? In other words I want the dormer and roof angle transitions to flow w/o one plane jutting out of another. [ 01-02-2006, 10:55 PM: Message edited by: ds470847 ]


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