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  1. Thanks all, I'll keep trying. It's frustrating because version 8 worked so well for me on my old computer (it doesn't work well on Mac OSX classic environment, though). It contained sample drawings that I could reference for help with how to organize layers, classes, viewports, etc. I guess I didn't expect to be starting from scratch again. I have been trying for a week to export a dwg that my engineer can work with and so far have been totally unsuccessful. Everything I do is now trial and error - not my style. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Thanks, cbaarch. I am using the Mac version but the file path you described is the same. Unfortunately, the drawings in that file are completely blank, like you are starting a new drawing. This is just one of many things that do not work in this program - I shouldn't have spent the money!
  3. Thanks, that's just what I was looking for, except........ I can't find libraries anywhere in my program! Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks, I'll call him and see if that helps. I drew it in 1/4":1' and exported it using all of the defaults that came up in the export window.
  5. My engineer can't work with my drawings either and I can't figure out how to fix it. No response to tech support e-mails and impatient phone help. I'm wondering why I upgraded to v.12! It was supposed to work better than my old v.8.
  6. My engineer is having problems working with the dwg I exported to him. He says that he can't figure out the scale. What's the best way for me to export drawings to him? Thanks
  7. Can anyone suggest where I may find a sample architectural drawing to refer to when setting up my own drawings? My old version 8 had sample drawings included in the program. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, that is exactly the type of info I'm looking for. HP told me that the poscript version is better for graphics, do you have any problems printing 3-D renderings with your setup?
  9. I am trying to get MacPlot to run my new HP500 plotter and having poor luck. I didn't buy the Poscript plotter because MacPlot told me I didn't need to. Bad advice! Now they say that it will work if I buy a HPGL Accessory Card from HP. Does anyone know if I will get sufficient performance from my plotter this way or do I need to start over with the 500PS?
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