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    From the Resource Browser Object Library I select an Anderson window that is labeled ?2D/3D point plug-in object? and directly drop it on a roof and it becomes a dormer. (I thought the help text says that only a symbol will work) I can also take that same window or a window from the window tool, place it not on the roof and edit it, then change it to a symbol (becomes a 2D/3D symbol), grab it from the Resource Brower and it also becomes a dormer. But I can?t edit the window itself once it becomes a dormer. Must I create a new dormer every time I want to edit the window? Once the dormer is created the dormer roof and walls take on the textures of the main roof. Is there a way to have the dormer walls and roof have their own (and separate) textures? I know the workaround answer to both questions is to build the dormer with three walls and insert the window (or a door or vent or other plug-in). Is this the only way?
  2. CipesDesign, I got it to work. I started a new drawing in a different file and at all came together just as you said. Great - Thanks. Must stll be Tricks or Treats for my computer.
  3. CipesDesign, When I select ?site model? there is no pull down list, just the error message. I tried your method with an abbreviated contour map, 8 contours. At the end of step 4 these contours now reside on layer ?Mod-Site-DTMData? which was created automatically after using the ?2D Polys to 3D Contours? command. Highlighting the 8 contours, the Object Info tells me that they are 3D Polygons, a valid source data according to the 11.5 Help screen. Clicking on the ?Site Model? under AEC only brings up the error message. Nothing else. I have tried using 3D loci but get the same result.
  4. CipesDesign - I followed the steps you gave but at step 5 I get an error message that reads, "There isn't enough valid data on the specified source layer to build a DTM." There are no option boxes displayed.
  5. I like this forum - lots of frendly help. My question - Is there good detailed reference (beyond the Help and the VectorWorks tutorial) for converting a survey to a 3D site model? I have a survey given to me in AutoCad. I imported it into VectorWorks. It came in with the contours as 3D symbols. It seems to be in 3D when I look at it in View isometric, but I can?t convert it to a solid model. I have tried converting the 3D symbols to many other types of lines that the texts suggest but nothing works.
  6. Thanks Travis - I said that I was self tought - I was looking for floors and it took me awhile to figure out that I could adapt roofs. No where did I find text to point me in that direction. I'll leave it at that.
  7. Sorry Travis - I was just thinking floor is floor and roof is roof. Why not make the floor adjustable as is the roof? I hadn't thought about the textures on verious surfaces. Thank you.
  8. Thanks Andrew - that is what I have been doing but it seemed an unnecessary work-around. Do you know is version 12 ahs done anything about this?
  9. I am a new VectorWorks user and self tought. I have several questions but will start with this one. Is it possible to slope a floor? I need this for a garage floor or a driveway.


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