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  1. I have noticed the same problem as Don, and I've noticed that no matter units listed for the dimension area, and no matter how the formula is divided or multiplied, the result of =('Window'.'NetGlazedArea') is always 12 x too large.... Robert, any idea? I just submitted this as a bug Brad O'Donnell VW 2008
  2. Runtime Error, I just got the same problem today with stairs across floors/layers. Has anyone else seen it/reported it? MAC OSX 10.4.6, 2 GHz Dual G5 Vectorworks 12.0.1
  3. I'll jump in way late to say that I'm an AC9 user who's coming back to VW now that it's reached 12. AC is not the gold standard of anything, save over-blown promises, buggy software and a prohibitively restrictive way of modeling. Their BIM claims are outlandish, as there is no user-friendly way to get BIM information out of the program. With several days effort, you'll at most window and door schedules. The worst part is the inability to model in 3D, at least from my perspective. The best part of AC vs VW, IMO, is that the model is the model. In 3d you don't just see one layer occupying the same sapce as another, as in VW. But, with 12, VW has mostly fixed this problem by automatically stacking layers. If you haven't purchased yet, ask you AC reseller to rake a wall. Make one end 1m high, and the other end 2m high. The reseller will have to place a roof over the wall, perform a boolean subtraction, and then create a layer on which to hide that roof. If he ever deletes that layer, or moves the wall, the boolean will not stick, and the wall will lose its rake. AC is full of that kind of nonsense. I am just getting back into VW, however, and I don't really know what kind of work-arounds and pitfalls await here. Some people are going a third route, building models in Sketchup and exporting to 2d CAD programs for drafting. This may seem like a step backard from the BIM dream, but Sketchup makes modeling so easy, you'll always want to work with it. I am just beginning to go down this path myself, using VW12 as the CAD program. We'll see where it ends. Check out the work of Greg LaVadera for examples of SU + 2d CAD. My advice: avoid Archicad, especially version 9, as V10 is due out in Feb/Mar. Maybe you can re-evaluate V10.
  4. Thanks for your input, all. I really appreciate it. It seems that there could be a reference line added to walls. There already is, in a sense, as there is a line that determines where you draw the wall from. Perhaps later in verison 12 we'll be able to snap to that line with associated dimensions. CipesDesign, do you do all of your annotation in viewports now? Is that the preferred working method? I haven't used VW since version 8, and back then I would have put the dimension in the same layer as the walls I was dimensioning. Is it better to make all annotations, even notes, etc..., in the view ports? If so, do you all use "views" anymore at all, or just viewports? Larger question: is there a book somewhere that outlines a successful working methodology, say, for a house, perhaps? Thanks Brad
  5. Hello, I'm new to VW. I've taken a wall with components - Ext 2x4 Stucco - and laid out a house. When I dimension the walls, the dimension tools only work properly at the edges of the wall. If I move a wall, the dimension moves with it. However, if I dimension to the outside edge of the 2x4s, as is almost always done in US residential construction, and not to the outside edge of the wall, i.e., the outside edge of the stucco - the dimensions will not move (associate) when I move the wall. Am I doing something wrong - can I "associate" dimensions with points inside a wall, such as the outside edge of the studs in the Ext-2x4-Stucco wall, or am I stuck manually updating dimensions when I move walls? What do experienced VW users do? Thanks
  6. Hi, I just purchased VW12 Designer after years of frustration with Archicad. Here's my question: when dimensioning walls with components, I see that the dimensions won't associate (i.e. move with a wall) unless I dimension to the outside of the wall. If my wall has 2x4 studs + 1/2" plywood + 1" stucco, I don't want to dimension to the outside of the stucco. However, if I offset to the edge of the 2x4s and plywood - where one would want to dimension normally - the dimensions won't move when I move the wall. How do people get around this? When dimensions don't move with walls, it's an invitation to mistakes and busy-work try to double check and redimension properly. Thanks Mightyquinn
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