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  1. Hi, folks! Many thanks for your replies and encouragement. I've talked to tech support more times than I care to admit, and they've been very helpful. Main thing was, apparently, a corrupted installation of 11, which was simply continued into 11.5 and 11.5.1. So nothing was working right. After uninstalling and re- all of the above, I'm now up and running. HOORAY! BUT there's one more annoying thing: even though I set the prefs to NOT offset duplications, they're always offset. grr. Any ideas? Again, mny thanks!
  2. Hi -- I'm new to this list but not new to VW. I started using it in its MiniCad persona at about version 4, so I'm not new at all. However, this upgrade to 11.5.1 is driving me nuts! I don't like it at all! Now i have to admit, I upgraded from 9.2, and I know that's a huge jump, but this is ridiculous. I'm on a Mac powerbook G4, also new, and running OS 10.3, and using a Wacom tablet. Again, I've been using a tablet for years to work with VW, but this isn't a happy combo. VW seems much slower than the old version on my old Mac G3 powerbook (OS 9.2), and it randomly scrolls down the drawing for no reason. I'm also findng the symbols hard to use -- double clicking has to be done more than once to change from one to the next, and editing them is silly. A separate menu for that? And why, when I do edit a symbol, does VW tell me each time I insert the new symbol, that it can't be grouped while in a wall? Help me!
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