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  1. I have trouble drawing acurately in vectorworks. I'll work with a design for a while and it's accuracy seems to degrade over time. items which were 12'4" long last week are now 12'3.894" today. I spend a lot of time just going back and cleaning up the drawings. It becomes wearing since i can't depend on a file to be consistent from one day to the next. any advice on drawing practices, recommended SOP's?
  2. jmd

    stretch command?

    Robert- I see what you are saying, but if i am following your advice correctly, I can't manipulate a group with the reshape tool. it will work only on a polyline. I can use the rescale tool on a group, but again this effects everything in the group, not just items in a specified area.
  3. jmd

    stretch command?

    any way to stretch a group without changing the proportion of everything in the group? say I want to increase the width of 2d group, but don't wish to modify all the elements within the group.
  4. jmd

    stretch command?

    i'm looking for something a bit more universal than that. a way to grab a multitude of walls, windows and all the information inside of them and stretch them. both autocadand microstation have this function. it seems pretty simple, but i have not found this tool in vectorworks yet
  5. I'm new to vectorworks. i'm looking for a stretch tool. some way to easily grab a corner or end of a whole building and stretch it or compress it or re shape multiple objects with one command or tool. any help?
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