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  1. On 13/01/2017 at 8:40 PM, Christiaan said:

    I've finally had it, I've given up on thinking Apple will ever fix Preview.app.

    Yup. They have had a roasting on this recently. Trying to unify the core code of their OSes. Released way before it was ready.


    I use occasionally use PDF Pen for OCR and markup. Great for working with text. Can convert PDF to Word for editing and back to PDF. Both on Mac and iOS.


    But for detail sketching, marking up drawings, site measure, note taking and document signing – by far my favourite is Notability. Great on both iPad and Mac. Can also record meeting audio.


    See image below of a old detail sketch for a structural engineer.


    Balustrade Details.jpg


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  2. More in this space…

    Astropad have just released their new product – Astropad Studio. This is a $65 per year subscription (iOS app store fees were never going to pay for pro requirements).


    Regarding Duet Display…

    On 06/01/2017 at 3:21 PM, Matt Overton said:

    This is the most frustrating aspect of it if you use as it touch screen you have to track the cursor back to the main work area. Which is mostly because OS X doesn't understand multi-touch. Still, shows great potential. 

    Whilst I am not sure this Astropad gets around having two cursors, it does have support for multi-touch.




  3. 2 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

    Duet display would be perfect if the touches were separate to the mouse. Trying to use it for extra screen while on the laptop over summer. This is the most frustrating aspect of it if you use as it touch screen you have to track the cursor back to the main work area.


    Great point. Love this idea.


    2 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

    Which is mostly because OS X doesn't understand multi-touch. Still, shows great potential. 


    But what about the track pad? It has a form of multitouch doesn't it?

    Have you requested it from them? I am writing a request email to them right now. Maybe they can come up with a solution.

  4. Not sure if you peeps saw this.



    Whilst I think Microsoft's Surface machine is great, I think this is a more appropriate response. Especially for pro users, who like to upgrade their hardware. Not sure that I like the virtual keyboard, but for some stylus heavy workflow scenarios , I could definitely see it being faster. And having a keyboard nearby is easy enough.


    Obviously with apps like Duet and AstroPad on the iPad, the Mac can already do this.



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  5. The Microsoft Surface is great for certain mark up and drawing tasks, but compared with a mouse, it's use in Vectorworks is mostly going to be slower and harder to use. Similar to the mouse, I see the Touch bar as a tool with an interesting blend. Both delighting the user and increasing productivity.


    With the iPad, often things take longer, but delight the user more and are therefore more enjoyable. Productivity is great, but it is not an end unto itself.


    I did notice last night that Duet Display (duetdisplay.com) has released an update which includes the touch bar as well. (FYI Duet Display allows you to use your iPad as an external display). Effectively having a touch screen Mac with touch bar. It is a little slow on my older Mac, but works well in newer ones. Will have to test over hols. 



  6. 5 hours ago, Tom Klaber said:

    It does not seem that innovative - more like a consumer contrivance - great for easy emoji access, but as far as a real productivity boost - I just do not see it.  


    Have people found it truly useful?

    I think it is more than just emoji access. But how much more remains to be seen. People are just starting to use it, and so we will find out its real value over the next year.


    On this forum, a number of members have shown links to various input devices, which mostly are too narrow in their abilities. The good thing for the Touch Bar is that it is far more flexible.

    Often with interfaces, the slow down is having to take ones hands off the keyboard to use a mouse. The touch bar can certainly help with that.

    For drawing interfaces (using mouse or stylus), often the slow down is having to change mode to select/search through palettes and commands, or enter a numerical input. If for instance, you can use the Touch Bar to quickly access tool palettes or tool mode bars, and it can change inputs depending on the tool/mode/OIP state, I think you have something may be very powerful. But it will be up to developers to support it.

  7. 5 hours ago, JimW said:


    Now if they REALLY put some thought into it, and combine that delicious not-really-there haptic feedback from their current gen touchpads (they don't actually click mechanically, its fake but completely believable and tactile-feeling, totally fooled me for months)  with the larger format of a keyboard, they may be on to something:




    Custom buttons mapped directly to software functions? Application-aware customizations based on the active app? Slider bar/touch knob input for appropriate selected data fields? Instantly switchable keyboard language and layout? I'd be all in.

    There was a rumour of Apple exploring the possibility of working with an Australian company that creates keyboard with E-ink keys. But it appears that may have just been a rumour in order to boost the third party stock price.

    Because of touch ID, I would say that you can expect a touch bar keyboard on all Macs with the next release. Becasue of the scale pf their production, Apple usually releases a feature on one device first, while they ramp up production, then rolls it out to other devices.


    As with stylus integration, and using the iPad, I would want Vectorworks to have a solution for the touch bar. I would love to sunset my Apple extended keyboards. :) 


  8. 4 hours ago, Tom Klaber said:

    I think they got shaken by the Surface line-up and are now prepping their response.  Should be good.  

    My fear is that they are just going to throw a touch bar on a keyboard...

    Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but it is highly unlikely that Apple would release a surface-like Mac. And because of the production ramp time, they certainly would not have had the time to create a response any time soon.

    They will have been spending all of their time on the Touch Bar - which Apple have gone all-in on. Almost every Apple Mac app supports it. If you were wondering why macOS Sierra was light on, a likelihood is because their software teams spent some time working on Touch Bar integration.


    They will let Wacom create the touch screen. They will focus on Macs with good I/O (USB-C, Thunderbolt 3). As was mentioned earlier, no one wants to pay that amount of money for a touch screen that is not upgradable. Remember, the best stylus out there is the Pencil, and for at least the next few years, will be way too expensive to place in a 27' iMac. But I am sure Apple does have a iMac prototype knocking around. Now that would be very nice to play with. ;) 


    For some Pros, the most important things they need (besides the new superfast I/O) are things like; multiple CPUs; and graphics cards that are able to be used with OpenCL and CUDA. If Apple doesn't release a new Mac Pro, I wouldnt be surprised if they partnered with a third party to create an external GPU box that runs over Thunderbolt 3. Similar to what they have done with LG and their new Ultrafine displays. That way it would be upgradable. In fact, even if they do make a new Mac Pro, I wouldn't be surprised if they announced s similar solution. 


    Additionally, I wouldn't be surprised if their new iMacs ar able to be used as external displays – like the old 27" ones were able to.


    If we as Vectorworks users want new ways of working, Vectorworks needs to use the iPad as the stylus. Boost the Nomad app's capabilities for sketching and editting. Get them right there, then bring them back into Vectorworks. 

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  9. Nice. This is the kind of stuff I wanted to come out of the woodwork when i started this post. Thanks for posting.


    I think I like the form of the taller one, with the colour of the smaller. But they do look great together. It is possible to have countersunk fixings to the legs on the taller model? That would be my only nitpick. But I like the way you are letting the material be what it is. Well done.


    PS Are they both anodised? If I had to guess for the black model, it looks like it is polished inside with black powdercoated on the outside.

  10. Yep. For all of the complaining we in the Apple community do about the Mac Pro's, it is really just Thunderbolt 3 and GPUs that are seriously lagging behind the latest tech. But with CUDA, what a huge lag that is! Although, I am sure some would like a multi-CPU option.

  11. All of the other physical widgets shown earlier in the thread, are used for very specific editing modes, with no where near the complexity faced by most Vectorworks scenarios.


    Does anyone know of a CAD system that does perform well with a stylus or other physical input device?

  12. The good news with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 is that Wacom could finally do a HiDPI screen that has their tablet surface. With NVIDIA looking for apple engineers with OpenCL / CUDA experience, I am hopeful we will see a Mac Pro containing tech that could drive a screen like this.


  13. Thanks for that @RussU I suspected as much. Yes I would love to see a workflow.

    Are you mounting the 5design on the drone? Must be a decent drone to carry the camera.

    But that makes sense with the video and the individual shots you are taking from the air. As well as the shots you took of the door.

    Thanks again. 

  14. If you are looking for new staff, anecdotally, I have found that people who have used ArchiCAD tend to pick up Vectorworks workflows (esp 3D) quicker than most.


    For an easier way to explain layers and classes to those who don't use them. 

    'Layers are the where. Classes are the what'


    All the best. Assimilating a team into a workflow is a massive challenge. Cheers.

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  15. 16 minutes ago, RussU said:

    if you're interested I've got a couple of very nerdy videos I could post. (Heavy going, but if you're an enthusiast you might like them)

    If that is okay, I would love to see them. Especially now that Vectorworks can do this stuff with point cloud. Thanks.


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