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  1. Yes, copy and paste from other apps will do the trick. though it is not a natual way, but it works! Well, waitng for better way and also the correct display of chinese font in the font menu. Thanks!
  2. Bruce, Thanks for reply. He is using traditional chinese for the case. Funny enough after several experience, it is ok now if chinese character typed and click selection tool immediately (still within the text box). However, if not clicking the selection tool and just click anywhere else, the characters show like "????@!". Also the display of the chinese font in the font menu still not support? Again, Thanks!
  3. Does VW11 for MAC OSX support doubile byte font especially Chinese fonts? I've seen a friend using it and try to type chinese characters. However after sellecting the chinese font, it just become strange unknown characters. Appreciated if someone can help!
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