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  1. Ok! Figured it out! I had somehow left the previous layer, where all the other notes were, so naturally, the keynote sequence numbering went back to #1. I guess the lesson is to keep track of what layer I'm on.
  2. Hello, I'm sure I did some sort of newbie error, here, but this is my problem: While annotating a planting plan, I created seven keynotes, and all was well. When I got to number eight, the numbering system reverted back to #1, and the note did not group with the other notes. Just before this happened, I was editing my notes and changing their order in the note editing dialog box. Any idea what I could have done? Thanks in advance, Maureen
  3. Are you looking for pre-drawn details?
  4. Thanks, Robert, and everyone who has contributed to this thread. When I feel a little more comfortable with VectorWorks, I will follow your instructions, Robert. Right now I'm feeling too much like a newbie, but am happy with my temporary solution. Thanks again. Maureen
  5. Thanks, Brian. I've figured out a solution which works for now, using the titleblock settings in the document setup menu. This still doesn't allow me to use the issue manager, which would be most helpful. As I work with VW, I realize how valuable training in Landmark would be. Looking forward to the possibility of training in Q3 of 2005, or whenever it's available. Best of luck to a fellow newbie! Maureen
  6. Hello. I'm just learning to use Landmark, so forgive me if there is an obvious answer. I print to 11x17 paper, which corresponds to the ASME B Drawing Area, and to the Predefined Style ASME B. Ok, so far, so good. However, when I want to use the Issue Manager, I get a pop-up that says I can't use it because I don't have "Architect Style Title Blocks". Will it be necessary for me to create a custom title block in order to use it with 11 x 17 paper? Can anyone point me in the right direction for advice on how to do this? Thanks!


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