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  1. Little red squares, at points where I start/end dimension strings, are visible in drawing I can not "click" on these little red squares. I can not find the "class" they reside in to turn them off. How can I "turn off" these little red squares?
  2. Using VW Architect 11 with Renderworks in MS Windows. Rendering in "Artistic" mode. 90% of the model renders beautifully. But I have two walls that do not render because there appears to be some extraneous "faces" or random normals that are "on" the walls. Not "in" the walls. "On" the walls. In wireframe mode there is nothing there but the wall and windows, which look fine. But when I render in "Artistic" the image is blocked by these odd normals that I can not grab or edit. They do not match the configuration of the wall or any on object in the model. Any idea what these are and how I can get them out of my model? I have a .jpg of the image I can send you if that would help (just give me an address) ajs [ 01-11-2005, 01:22 PM: Message edited by: Sketches_Design_LLC ]
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