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  1. Thanks for your answer. The MVR file was created in Capture 2022. I going to download vw2022 and see . Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. I having an issue and maybe someone here can help me. When I want to import a mvr file from another program to vw. The measures are not the same, I tried changing the units to be sure that the units in the original drawing are the same that the vw. I tried meter, millimiters, feet, inches everything and when I import the file into vw all the measures are wrong. I work with anothers visualization software and also with others designers and programmers and we found mvr it is a great way to exchange files, but for some reason when I import mvr files generated from another programs distances are all wrong, that doesn't happen when I export from vw to mvr. thanks PS I m using VW 2020
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