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  1. At tech supports suggestion, I un-installed and downloaded a clean version of VW, and the RW options are showing when I render, but nothing happens when I try rendering with any RW modes. Open GL, Shaded Polygon, Hidden Line work fine. I'm at my wits end with this.
  2. This is REALLY a problem. Now seems permanent. All of a sudden, none of my current files have Renderworks capability. I can open my file that shows a scene rendered in QT with shadows: If I try to render it in Renderworks, nothing happens. If I then try to Render Bitmap, I get a message saying RW not installed. On top of that, now my QT rendering no longer shows shadows and that option is grayed out in QT options! I have restarted and same problem. When VW loads it appears that Renderworks is loading, since it is listed along with Fundamentals and Architect. The RW file is in the VW folder. But no, RW does not show up in the render options (grayed out). I tried reinstalling and same problem - I did notice that my license on the VW site is not showing R for renderworks when I download it. I have emailed tech support about this. VW2018 MacMini 10.11.6 16GB RAM Open File (QT render).tiff RW attempt.tiff OPen GL options.tiff
  3. Thanks, Dave. No, it doesn't launch. I've tried re-installing VW and still same problem. I opened an old VW2016 file and everything was fine. Phil
  4. Renderworks is not loading when I start VW. This has happened intermittently in the past, solved by re-starting, but now its just gone. The RW application is in the VW application folder. Haven't changed any system stuff. Running VW 2018, yeah, so I know it's old, but why would it just stop loading? It has worked fine for years. Any suggestions? Prolly an evil plan to get me to upgrade. Phil Mac OS 10.11.6 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB RAM
  5. OK this is weird. I went to the VW app in the Applications folder, and there were NO FILES in the RenderWorks folder. I reinstalled RW files, and is working again. No idea how this happened.
  6. I just tried switching to Fundamentals workspace, and then back to Architect. No luck.
  7. All of a sudden, none of my files have Renderworks capability. I have restarted and same problem. When VW loads it appears that Renderworks is loading, since it is listed. But no, I can't find it in the render options anywhere. HELP! This is a real problem! Any suggestions appreciated! Uninstall & Reinstall as last resort? Phil Schawe VW2018 MacMini 10.11.6
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