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  1. I am being asked by my print shop to provide my file in a DWG format, which I have done, but, also to provide info on 'line weight' via a " .CTB" file. I am supposedly able to export this .CTB file, but I cannot find it anywhere. Any suggestions please?
  2. Katie Many thanks but can you recommend something - I don't even mind paying for the full CD version from VectorWorks if there is such a range of CDs or even a training course here in the UK. Val
  3. Hi I have just posted a smilar request but for Garden Design under the heading "Training" if I get anything useful I will let you know.
  4. As someone very new to VectorWorks 11 - i.e. I have only just installed it (Student v11, including Landmark, Renderworks etc) I am looking for help and direction to commence a training/learning program. I am a studying Garden Design at The English Garden School in Chelsea, London UK and would welcome any ideas re books, CDs etc that might assist. Many thanks Val [ 06-23-2004, 05:37 AM: Message edited by: colour-green ]
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