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  1. Additional information: Experience using AutoCAD, and other floor planning software would be helpful. Please email it@calgary-convention.com. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Calgary organization looking for freelance drafting help on a project - developing a template library and system to allow our staff to build upon, and being the go-to person for basic questions. The project will be to map out a large downtown facility, and may include everything from a 2D layout of each room to the HVAC/electrical (not required, but nice to have), and potentially helping us with the 3D side in the future. Product to be provided in native VW and pdf forms. Minimum qualifications: • Reliable. • Efficient. • Careful attention to detail. • Demonstrable experience with Vectorworks Spotlight • Competent in Microsoft Office suite • Must have strong command of English spelling and grammar. • Solid references. If interested, please reply via email. Thanks!
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