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  1. I need to calculate the area of a partial hemisphere. Like a polygon that is bowed (like a tent.) How can I create that and find the total area since area is only given for 2D objects and mine is a 3D? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence. We need to fabricate ASAP.
  2. If I have a simple extruded rectangle representing a wood board and I texture it with one of the supplied wood resources ('Wood Board Oak Clear'), the grain direction applied to the surfaces of the object are unnatural. The grain direction, if rotated to run the length of the board, is mapped in a perpendicular direction for a side. This looks very unnatural. Is there a way to make the direction consistent? BTW-the map type needs to be 'perimeter' because using 'plane' stretches any pattern into long lines of color that run the length of the side. Does this need to be a 'Wish List' request? Thanks for any help.
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