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  1. Thanks Stephan apologies for the delay in responding. I think the issue was caused from copying and pasting between files all the time. I updated my EDU vectorworks to the latest version and things seem to be working regarding duplicates now. Also replicated the same design without copying and pasting cabinets between files and my file is not bigger than 50mb. Made a bunch of custom connectors and seems to be working fine now. The problem with the connectors and the groups seems to be just when the cabinet is nested in at least two groups if you keep a single group structure connector placement seems to be working well. BTW I found that the purge command has a coincident duplicate option. Handy if you have placed the same connector on the same place twice! Thanks again! So far I am enjoying it, it requires a bit of structure but is far better solution than we have used in the past!
  2. Thanks Stephan, I just send you the file via wetransfer. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all, I've been testing Edu version of Interiorcad extensively for the last couple of weeks and @Stephan Moenninghoff has been super helpful is solving my all queries. I have three issues that I am trying to figure out yet: - Performance: I made a test with 8 cabinets, 12 drawers and a couple hundreds cabinet connectors (cabineo and screws) and things are slowing down. Testing in in a i7 with windows, 16Gb and Radeon RX 580 8Gb. Full quality OpenGL and shadows. File is now 130 Mb. Which system would be recommended for these type of files? Maybe there are some optimization routines that should be applied? - connector placement: I have nested groups for different cabinets so when double click I can isolate parts of the model and work faster. I found an issue when inserting cabinet connectors on nested groups, the connector wont align properly on the grid. See first image below. Funny thing is that if I copy the cabinet to an empty document it will allow me to insert the connectors as expected. See second image. So I ended coping and pasting cabinets back and forth to insert connectors. - Coincident duplicates. When creating cutting list I am getting far too many connectors and fittings counts. I checked that there are no elements one of top of each other but there might slip out something when cutting and pasting. Is it possible to remove coincident duplicates in order to get those listings correct? In summary I find Interiorcad intuitive and powerful but before presenting the tool to students next semester I would like to check that it would simplify their design workflow and reduce errors when cutting things on the CNC. Many thanks!
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