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  1. In an attempt to isolate my problem I have: --"created a new blank file" --drew a single line --exported to PDF. functions fine --print to an HP 9800 It just says "spooling", but never prints. Reboot, redo, same result. Same process with VW2012, everything works fine. Checked for upgraded driver for the printer. I am running the most current version. I have InteriorCAD 2012 plugin running with VW 2012. I have a 2014 trial version of ICad running on VW2014. This is the only variable that I can think of that may be responsible for the problem. Can any of you think of other variables to look at? Thanks so much for your help. Ken Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit Dell Precision 1600, 16GB RAM
  2. Thanks for the tip gmm18. I will change my titles. Ken
  3. Is there a way to change the order of the sheet layers in the drop down layer list once they have been created? Leading to my second question: In the batch print dialogue box, after adding sheets in a particular order and saving the batch print set, the next time I recall that saved set, there are only 10 of the 20 sheets that are recalled of that set. Is it possible to save a batch print set with more than ten sheets? Thanks for your help.
  4. K Irish

    log walls

    Thanks Ray. I tried that earlier, but maybe I was not persistent enough. I'll try again.
  5. K Irish

    log walls

    Is there a method in VW 11.5 to create log exterior walls? I think I could stack objects to create the walls, but inserting windows and doors would be cumbersome at best. Any experience out there...or clever ideas? Thanks


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