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  1. Hello, I imoorted a table (tried it with a tab delimited text file and with an excel table) and then I wanted to read a cell value from it through Marionette with Get Cell String. I hooked up the hWorksheet attribute to a Objs by Crit node and set nRow and nColumn to 1. The output is <UnknownValue> instead of the string in that cell. I have tried everything I can think of: using different fileformates for the table, imputting different numbers for row and column, using the decrepet GetCellStr command instead of the normal GetWSCellString command. I don't know what else I can try. The Handle Type that comes out of the Objs by Crit node is 56. I am using Vectorworks 2021. Help is urgently wanted.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm currently trying again to install Vectorworks on Linux with Wine. The installer runs, but I don#t get beyond the point where I am asked to enter my serial number and name. It is impossible to enter text into the text fields. Does someone here have experience with running vectorworks through wine or does someone have an idea which dlls I need to add to my wine bottle or which settings I need to set?
  3. I'd love if I could run VectorWorks on Linux (even may it be through wine) like I can with all other software that I use. VectorWorks runs poorly in a virtual machine, so I have to dual boot just to use that one program, which is not only me but also our IT-guy a headache. While a native build would be fine, I expect that it'd take too much time and effort to make it run flawlessly. So what I'd hope for the most is that you update the windows version to run with Wine.
  4. While waiting for a reply I worked further on this and discovered the lines vs.SetRField vs.Reset vs.GetRField with the first I could successfully set the time. However, the rest of the object didn't update. So I had to write vs.Reset too, so the Heliodon updates according to the new Values. However, even though I called GetRField after Reset, I still retrieved the values from before the Reset. Specifically I am talking about SolarAltitude. I set the time from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, reset the object and then retrieve the SolarAltitude. But it is still the same as at 8:00AM. When I then run this a second time, then I retrieve the 11:00 AM Altitude. In other words, the commands don't happen in the correct order.
  5. Hello everyone 🙂 I hope I am at the right place; this is my first post. I want to edit the time on a Heliodon through Marionette. So, I get my Heliodon with GetObjByCriteria. Let's say the Heliodon in my Scene has an entered time of 10:00 AM. And then I want to execute some kind of code to change that 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. How can I do that? As far as I know, there is no node directly for that, but you can also write your own nodes, so I hope that somebody here can give me advice on how to set the Time of a Heliodon. Thank you all in advanc
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