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  1. Hi, I'm a new Marionette user, but not new to python. However, my python experience is mostly in analysis of astronomy data and making pretty plots, not in drawing geometry. I thought it would be great to build a geodesic dome network that takes input parameters of dome diameter and frequency and generates a dome of any frequency and size! What a great tool for initial design studies and decision-making! I couldn't find such an object node online. I previously drew up a geodesic dome in SketchUp, but in VectorWorks Marionette I only got as far as orienting the golden rectangles to start drawing the icosahedron. I was then trying to figure out how to draw the equilateral triangles that form the 20 icosahedron faces, but found a Marionette network online, which draws Platonic solids, so I have the network for the icosahedron. Unfortunately, it doesn't open up in Marionette format, only the python script dialog box. I checked out its python script, and it makes sense to get a list of 3d points for each of the corners of the golden rectangles, which are the vertices of the equilateral triangles later drawn as 3d polygons. I just wasn't clear how the marionette author organized the points so that 3dpoly triangles could be drawn at the correct vertices. There are 12 sets of 3d points and even though all edges are of equal length, each vertex is a meeting point for 5 edges. This is perhaps why the next step in building the geodesic dome to any given frequency is confusing to me---how do I order the list of points so that the lines are drawn between the correct points? It seems that I would need to somehow be able to segment each of the 30 edges in the icosahedron into an n-frequency (as per user input), and then draw parallel lines from the 3 edges of each triangle onto each separately oriented face, in order to draw the equilateral triangles within each of the 20 icosahedron faces (the triangles that will later be projected to an "imaginary" sphere). Any direction would be greatly appreciated!!! (I attach a file under construction, which builds the golden rectangle formation for building the icosahedron, as well as the icosahedron network I found online, if it can be of help) build_icosahedron.vwx


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