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  1. Does anyone have a way to batch import DXF/DWGs as symbols and store them into designated resource folders, instead of having to import them one at a time and then moving them one at a time to where you want them.
  2. Would like to see the selection tool become more "Autocad Like". Yes, all Cad programs have some nice features, even this one. When you drag a selection box to the right everything enclosed inside it is selected. When you drag a selection box to the left, items it crosses are selected. Would also like to see a fence selection tool. When you draw a line with this tool everything the line crosses is selected. Would also like to see the ESC key used to exit out of a command, and some Function key used as a repeat last command button. When you use the offset command, there should be a key you can press that would allow you to select different entity and then continue on with the offset command.


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