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  1. Mac, I use Acrobat Distiller, or atleast I try to use it.
  2. I should clarify what I did Katie, I imported a .dwg into a new VW file, and then I pasted from that file into the VW file that I was working on which is now corrupted, I believe.
  3. On another, more depressing note, I made the mistake of pasting from a corrupted AutoCad file into a VW 9.5.1 file. I was able to create a postscript file however, when I went to convert it to .pdf an error came up saying that the file is corrupted. Any suggestions?
  4. I have taken these steps/advice and discovered the following: 1.It seems that any file that was created in a previous version of VW when opened in 10.1.2 just cannot be saved as a postscript file. It just keeps crashing. 2.If I create a new file in 10.1.2 and lower the dpi to under 600 it works just fine. If I leave the dpi at 1200, which I guess is the default, it doesn't work.
  5. I am currently running VW10.1.2 on OSX and each time I print to Acrobat Distiller to create a postscript file VW crashes. If I am working in Classic with an old version of VW it (creating postscript files)works just fine.
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